Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Advent Calendar!

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Ok I have wanted an advent calendar for YEARS! I have seen some really cute quilted ones that other people have made and coveted them! Wishing I was talented enough... but alas I am not! So I would watch the holiday bazaars and never found one I loved or could afford... The past few days I was racking my brain with some of my newer skills thinking surly I can figure out how to put one together, it may not be quilted but it can be a cute wall hanging... Anyway I have a good friend I asked to make me the give thanks tree above. Partly because I didn't think I could do it justice and partly I was running out of time due to the holiday bazaar. Anyway inspiration hit me yesterday morning (November 30th) To do one just like that. Make it a Christmas tree and make the ornaments the pockets! I called Jessica to see if she had any of the canvas left or where I needed to go to buy some... She had the perfect size piece, and a bag of scraps I could use for the ornaments! Then I called my friend Kymberly on advice on making the pockets stronger she had the backing I needed! Soooo TA DA! I did it. Don't look close you WILL see my mistakes but I am thrilled none the less! I even am brain storming how I could do some for next years bazaar! WOOO WHOOO! Thanks to my sweet friends I made this for the cost of $0! Of course filling the pockets with treats for each day is another story! Maybe next year I will think ahead and fill it with a scripture a day (although I might still do that) as well as little other things (not just a candy for each day!) I was in a hurry though today is the 1st! I am so excited I got it done just in time (finished this afternoon)! Anyway thought I would share my excitement!


THE YOUNG-INS said... want to make me one. I have had hopes of making things for years and never get around to doing day. :)

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Cute Amanda! Well done!