Wednesday, September 29, 2010



Today Brock was in a bike crash on his way home from school. These pictures don't show how bad it really looks. His gums are all black and blue, he lost a tooth (which you can see the whole in one picture). I took him to the dentist to check if everything was ok and he is going to be fine. The tooth he lost is a baby tooth that was loose and ready to come out. His lips are so swollen and sore but he is doing fine. I feel bad for him but his brother and friend did a great job taking care of him. Eli rode to our house to tell me what happened so I could go and get him, and Ethan rode to the school so someone could call. 2 moms that lived right where it happened got him a towel, and ice and got him out of the street and calmed down. Poor guy. He was pretty blessed that it wasn't worse! I thanks my Heavenly Father for watching out for him!
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ruth's new trick!


One morning this week I set the girls down with some toys while I hoped in the shower for a quick shower. I came out to find this! Ruth has now decided that she can pull herself up next to everything. If she can't get a good grip on it she will crawl over, or climb....oh what will I do! I love this little monkey. I need to get a picture of her playing with her toys with her feet which she does pretty often and is so funny! She has done it at church before and other people say the same thing that she is like a monkey! I love this little peanut and don't know what we would do with out her! Just stop thinking you are big and doing new stuff!!!
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Soccer season begins, & Big girl baths



Ruth is 11 months old now and has always loved bath time. Now that she is a bit bigger I have tried letting her take baths with Hayden some mornings after the kids leave for school and she LOVES it! She will lay down and kick like she is swimming, and splash her hands like crazy! She will also cry and throw a fit when I take her out of the tub.

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This Saturday we had our first soccer games of the season. I know there are no pictures of Brock but that was because I was a bad, lazy mom and sat in the car visiting during his game. But his team did win and it was really exciting. Brock loves playing defender. Ethan's team also won 4-1. It was a really exciting game. He only has 7 kids on his team so they all have to play the entire time with no subs... Which wears the kids out but they have a great time and play hard. I love to watch Ethan play he really gives everything he does 100%.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BIG Stuff!


Hayden was so so so excited to go to preschool. She has been talking about it for a very long time. It helps that she gets to do it with all of her favorite people her age. You can't tell from the pictures she is happy about it but she had just gotten in a fight with Ian over who got to stand next to the bear.... She did have a great time and told me all about what she did. She took a lunch with her just because that is what kids who go to school do!

On the first day of school Ethan got in the car after school and announced to me that the day he had been waiting for forever was finally here!!! He was eligible to be a crossing guard at school. I signed his paper and he was put to work the very next day. Because there are only 2 classes of 5th graders those that get to do it get to do it more then once. He got to do it for 2 weeks and was thrilled. I finally got around to showing up in time to take pictures. They ride their bikes to and from school so this also means that Brock and Amelia get to wait at the office for him while he is doing it. They don't seem to mind. He takes his job VERY seriously! So much so that some times I have to stifle a laugh. He is very responsible about having jobs like this though so he is pretty cute. He comes home and tells me all about the people he helped cross the street. LOVE IT!

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


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Amelia also started dance on the first day of school. She was so excited she had been counting down the days. I told her she had to choose dance or soccer I wasn't going to do both She looked at me like "duh" and choose dance. (I have to admit I thought she would.) She loved it and had a great time. I am looking forward to more as I watch her improve. Hayden is now begging to start dance too. She LOVES to dance and will do it any where anytime! I told her to copy what the big girls were doing while we waited and she did. She was having a blast. I would love to sign her up too but don't really want to pay for it just yet. She had decided she wants a ballet birthday though. She had been planning a Mickey Mouse one for the past year. So we will see.

First day of school 2010!

The Summer flew by! I feel as though it should just be July. I am glad that I enjoyed the summer as much as the kids did this summer. There were only a few days where I was totally ready for school to start. But over all it was fun and jam packed with just enough to not make us crazy but enough that we had fun!
Amelia actually wore pants to school on the first day!!! Last year she ONLY wore skirts and dresses. This year it will be about 50/50. It stems from one of her very sweet friends handed down some really cute stuff that Amelia really wanted to wear. And if it is good enough for Ava it must be good enough for Amelia. She looked totally cute. I did her hair in a low side pony, then braided one piece of it and rolled it into a flower, so her own hair is the flower. Totally cute!



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There were a bunch of summer events that I didn't blog about and thought I would list a few of them so we can remember some of the things we did. Last year I blogged a lot about what I canned. I have canned but not taken pictures of what we have done. So far we have canned, green beans, peaches, peach jam, pear jam, pear strawberry jam, pear raspberry jam, and tomatoes. Hopefully the weather will hold so I can do more tomatoes. We have also done picnics in the park, reading program in the library, spent hours and hours in our pool in the back yard, went to Omsi, Gilbert house,a rain gutter rigata with the Cub Scouts, and bike rides.... there was lots more I am sure I can list. But the kids were so good about getting their daily jobs done we were able to do lots of fun things.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Week 12 of Summer vacation!

So week 12 we did lots of little kinds of things. One of the things was we had a "Teeny Tiny" day. This was lots of fun. We did in one other day this summer. But I did a little more for it this time then last time. I made teeny tiny pancakes, we call them Pancake cereal. We got the idea from Jim's pancakes on line. He is a pancake artist!!! Anyway you make tiny dots of pancakes, scrape them off into a bowl, and stir in a little butter and syrup and YUM! My kids love this even when it is not teeny tiny day! I also made teeny tiny chocolate chip cookies for snacks during the day. I made them with a teaspoon measure so they were LITTLE! I usually make them with a heaping TBSP! Hayden when she would ask for a cookie she would say, "can I have 5 more?" Make me laugh! Anyway it was a fun day! Brock and Leah even made teeny tiny crafts. I heard Leah say once during lunch, "since it is teeny tiny day we should use teeny tiny voices!" I love this girl! It sounded like a wonderful idea...pulling it off on the other hand....

We had teeny tiny PB&J sandwiches for lunch with teeny tiny apple slices. They even drank from teeny tiny cups. This is Brock's friend Leah. We really like her, her sisters, and her mom! Bad thing is they moved away TODAY! We will miss them all!!!

This was our dessert after dinner. We had teeny tiny smores made with Golden Grahams, mini marshmallows, and a chocolate chip. Our dinner was little smokies (teeny tiny hot dogs), Teeny tiny carrots from our garden, teeny tiny tomatoes, and my friend Shar and her girls came and had dinner with us she brought, teeny tiny broccoli, teeny tiny slices of cheese, carrots, and peppers. It was really cute and lots of fun!

Larry came home with free tickets to the State fair on Friday. (We hadn't planned on going because it is pretty spendy!) Anyways we told the kids we would take them if they promised not to ask for anything because we were NOT going to spend any money, no rides, games, or junk food. We packed a lunch and got a schedule of free things to do. (There are plenty!) The kids had a great time and it was a really nice day! We had 5 extra tickets so we offered them to some of our friends so they took their family and we all went together. It was a lot of fun!

This one is really for my dad who probably won't ever see this anyway but I love Smokey they Bear because of my dad. My dad ALWAYS would say, "Only YOU can prevent forest fires!" Sometimes he would say, "Only YOU can prevent Child abuse!" Still makes me laugh. Amelia wouldn't go over to meat him though.

Ethan got to be in a magic show at the state fair. The guy did a really good job. He was really funny and we were all amazed. We had front row seats too. Ethan did a great job. His shoe was "burned up" in a box but then magically reappeared in a bag.

The other even of the week not pictured here was I took the kids to the Gilbert House on Friday. It was a lot of fun and I did take pictures but it was on the other camera and I don't know how to down load those as easy... anyway we go there often enough it isn't THAT big of a deal. But the kids had a great time and I did let them do something we usually don't do and that was play on the outside play structure. That thing freaks me out, I worry about someone sneaking off with my kids. But it wasn't crazy busy and they did a great job of staying together and letting me watch. SO it was a great day! Fun was had by all on our last week off for Summer break. All but the last day of course where we celebrated Labor day by Laboring all day long!!! We worked in the yard like CRAZY but it looks great!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

O What do YOU do in the Summer Time?!

This is what Hayden does!
She was dancing even funnier when none of the other kids were in the room. When the camera shakes it is because I am laughing.