Sunday, September 19, 2010

Soccer season begins, & Big girl baths



Ruth is 11 months old now and has always loved bath time. Now that she is a bit bigger I have tried letting her take baths with Hayden some mornings after the kids leave for school and she LOVES it! She will lay down and kick like she is swimming, and splash her hands like crazy! She will also cry and throw a fit when I take her out of the tub.

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This Saturday we had our first soccer games of the season. I know there are no pictures of Brock but that was because I was a bad, lazy mom and sat in the car visiting during his game. But his team did win and it was really exciting. Brock loves playing defender. Ethan's team also won 4-1. It was a really exciting game. He only has 7 kids on his team so they all have to play the entire time with no subs... Which wears the kids out but they have a great time and play hard. I love to watch Ethan play he really gives everything he does 100%.

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