Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First day of school 2010!

The Summer flew by! I feel as though it should just be July. I am glad that I enjoyed the summer as much as the kids did this summer. There were only a few days where I was totally ready for school to start. But over all it was fun and jam packed with just enough to not make us crazy but enough that we had fun!
Amelia actually wore pants to school on the first day!!! Last year she ONLY wore skirts and dresses. This year it will be about 50/50. It stems from one of her very sweet friends handed down some really cute stuff that Amelia really wanted to wear. And if it is good enough for Ava it must be good enough for Amelia. She looked totally cute. I did her hair in a low side pony, then braided one piece of it and rolled it into a flower, so her own hair is the flower. Totally cute!



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There were a bunch of summer events that I didn't blog about and thought I would list a few of them so we can remember some of the things we did. Last year I blogged a lot about what I canned. I have canned but not taken pictures of what we have done. So far we have canned, green beans, peaches, peach jam, pear jam, pear strawberry jam, pear raspberry jam, and tomatoes. Hopefully the weather will hold so I can do more tomatoes. We have also done picnics in the park, reading program in the library, spent hours and hours in our pool in the back yard, went to Omsi, Gilbert house,a rain gutter rigata with the Cub Scouts, and bike rides.... there was lots more I am sure I can list. But the kids were so good about getting their daily jobs done we were able to do lots of fun things.