Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BIG Stuff!


Hayden was so so so excited to go to preschool. She has been talking about it for a very long time. It helps that she gets to do it with all of her favorite people her age. You can't tell from the pictures she is happy about it but she had just gotten in a fight with Ian over who got to stand next to the bear.... She did have a great time and told me all about what she did. She took a lunch with her just because that is what kids who go to school do!

On the first day of school Ethan got in the car after school and announced to me that the day he had been waiting for forever was finally here!!! He was eligible to be a crossing guard at school. I signed his paper and he was put to work the very next day. Because there are only 2 classes of 5th graders those that get to do it get to do it more then once. He got to do it for 2 weeks and was thrilled. I finally got around to showing up in time to take pictures. They ride their bikes to and from school so this also means that Brock and Amelia get to wait at the office for him while he is doing it. They don't seem to mind. He takes his job VERY seriously! So much so that some times I have to stifle a laugh. He is very responsible about having jobs like this though so he is pretty cute. He comes home and tells me all about the people he helped cross the street. LOVE IT!

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