Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

This year we colored our eggs outside. It was such a beautiful day (we have had so few of those so far this year!) We just didn't want to waste one minute of it in the house. Ruth was napping, which I have to admit made this activity easier and lets face it, more enjoyable. She is so grabby we would have had all broken eggs, spilled dye, and painted baby! The kids had a lot of fun being creative as usual. Larry and I colored a few too. Usually we divide them up and they all get a certain number to color to make things "fair". This year the kids didn't even count them or ask how many they could do one time. They just got to work and had fun. SO NICE!

Hayden and Amelia finding eggs! They were so excited. The girls made cards for the Easter Bunny, left out a carrot and a drink just in case he got thirsty. All on their own they came up with these ideas. It was pretty cute!

I love this picture of Ruth. She loved her ball so much she wouldn't put it down, but got excited about finding eggs with the big kids too so she would carry her ball and the eggs. She did figure out that we were putting them in the carton. It was so cute watching her! She still won't put her ball down. She napped with it today (the day after Easter)

I wish I had taken a picture of them all dressed up in their cute matching things. The girls all let me do their hair alike with cute ribbons and every thing! But we had had a "traumatic" ending to our morning due to some major disobedience issues with an older child. SOOOOO. We were lucky to get to church with out mom being in tears, let alone traumatize everyone more by trying to get everyone in a picture... It did end up being a nice day (even though the weather turned and we were rained on all day). But there was a beautiful spirit at church, and we had a lot of fun with our friends we had over for dinner after church.
We truly are blessed to be able to celebrate Easter and the true meaning of it. I feel so blessed to have a Savior who would come to Earth, live as the perfect example of how to live, suffer and die for me so that I am able to repent and return to live with him, then on the 3rd day rise from the grave, so that I to will be able to live again. This is truly what live is all about, what he made possible. I am so thankful for my beautiful family and the opportunity that I have to be married to a wonderful man for time and all eternity, so that we can be with our family forever. It is not till death do us part. We can be and will be a family forever, all because we have a Savior who made all things possible!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ruth scoots

I just wanted to write down a few things about Ruth so that I can remember how she is right now. I just love this peanut and she brings joy to our life. I often have to laugh, and shake my head. I have had 4 babies before her and never really had much of a problem taking them shopping... Then comes Ruth. She hates to sit in the cart. Normally I just made my kids stay there and gave them something to entertain them. NOT Ruth! Those seat belts don't hold her in. She crawls out and then climbs out of the cart (I have had to catch her several times from hitting the ground) So I tried putting her in the basket, again she can climb out! I will try carrying her and shopping. Killer on my back and arms, plus tough to drive the cart. Anyway once and a while I let her walk a little, this is even more crazy! Monday at the grocerie store she would run which ever direction she wanted (it was really quiet there this is the ONLY reason I let her do this). She would help push the cart (which was the best option) she even found the "mark down" cart and pushed it a little ways. I had to stop that before she ran into the glass case... then she started pulling all the cans off the shelf.... you get the idea. It is so good that she is the last and not the first. I have a little more patients for all this and am not pregnant while dealing with this behavior. Most of the time I do the best I can at distracting her and keeping her busy and out of trouble but once and a while I just shake my head and laugh.
This picture is taken with her best buddy Elmo. I think she is trying to say his name now... she says "beh bo" or Beh mo. Not sure one of those. It is pretty stinking cute! She carries him a lot! Sleeps with him and often won't put him down for a meal. Which means yesterday he got a bath in the washing machine. She loves all stuffed animals but he is number one! When she sees him on tv she gets very excited. It is pretty cute! I just turned this pusher into a scooter for her this afternoon and she loved it! It was pretty cute how she figured out how to push it and that she wouldn't put Elmo down to ride. I showed her he would fit in the little "trunk or Hood" But she wouldn't hear of it. She was holding on to him. She is always into something, climbing something, dumping something, or a sleep. I can't get enough of her. When I was sitting taking picture of her and watching her discover this new toy I couldn't stop thinking before I know it she is going to leave me for Kindergarten... then what... I know what, it will just be an odd feeling to not have a little person to play with all day. Stay little my little one!
She also started pointing to herself when you ask her where is the baby. SOOOO CUTE!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Flowers 2011

Most years if there is a day when the trees at the capital are blooming and it is not raining I take my kids to take pictures there. I think it is such a pretty setting... If only I knew how to use my camera better... and how to get my kids to look like they are having fun... Oh well I think they turned out nice enough.

Pretty Amelia... I am not sure if I am really that boring or what but none of my kids were very smiley. They were having fun while we were there as long as the camera wasn't pointing at them...or they give me really really fake smiles...

Pretty little Hayden! She hardly ever smiles at the camera anymore! She makes me laugh all the time, just not when I am trying to do pictures usually!

Brock so Handsome in a tree... almost 9 years old!

Handsome Ethan Now 11 years old!

Sweet Ruth has hit that magical age of run away and don't look at the camera... I lucked out and got this one of just her, with some peek a boo, and lots of help from daddy. As you can tell the rest with her in it don't typically have her attention!

Field Trip

Brock's 3rd grade class at Silver Creek Falls
It was a lot of fun going on this field trip with Brock. It was the first one I have gotten to go on with him. He liked having me a long as well. I am so glad I was able to go!

Sun breaks

We had a few sun breaks on Thursday and my kids and I took advatage of it! Ruth LOVED being outside! All of us did really! But this is a first for Ruth since she has been walking. I sat and read a book and just watched them play for a little while.

Daddy's water colors


Don't worry she only made this face till he did Amelia's face and she loved it! Then Hayden wanted more. It was pretty funny!