Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Flowers 2011

Most years if there is a day when the trees at the capital are blooming and it is not raining I take my kids to take pictures there. I think it is such a pretty setting... If only I knew how to use my camera better... and how to get my kids to look like they are having fun... Oh well I think they turned out nice enough.

Pretty Amelia... I am not sure if I am really that boring or what but none of my kids were very smiley. They were having fun while we were there as long as the camera wasn't pointing at them...or they give me really really fake smiles...

Pretty little Hayden! She hardly ever smiles at the camera anymore! She makes me laugh all the time, just not when I am trying to do pictures usually!

Brock so Handsome in a tree... almost 9 years old!

Handsome Ethan Now 11 years old!

Sweet Ruth has hit that magical age of run away and don't look at the camera... I lucked out and got this one of just her, with some peek a boo, and lots of help from daddy. As you can tell the rest with her in it don't typically have her attention!


Julia Shinkle said...

Amanda these are great! I can't believe all those blooms. The girls look so cute in their dresses. These will be fun to scrapbook.

Mo said...

they all look so cute! Ethan is getting so grownup looking!

Corinne and Jason Ritz said...

They turned out really great. What a great place to take pics.