Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Spring Break

During Spring break my sister in law came and spent the night with us then we went to OMSI the next day.

This is Hyrum my nephew and Johnnie my niece. We sure had fun!

The new exhibit is about space and the kids thought it was pretty cool. It was getting a little bit crowded by that point so we kind of sped through that part. Ethan wanted to look at some of the stuff that had long lines but I was getting tired as were some of the kids getting hungry so we kind of went through that part fast.


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Needless to say we had a very busy spring break and jam packed it with fun. I knew that was the only way I wasn't going to go crazy by the end of it. Although Thursday and Friday we spent at home and I scrapbooked all day, the kids played with friends here at home. It worked out nicely. I got some stuff I got some old stuff done that I needed to do, but still have much to catch up on! Now I still have to catch up on the house work!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Beach





Wednsday of Spring break we went with our friends the Cooper-Leavitts to the Beach. It was beautiful and sunshinny! Just windy. But the kids had a wonderful time! (Everyone but Ruth she did NOT like the beach!)
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Friday, March 19, 2010

State Capital

This morning I told the kids that if they had their rooms clean before I had to go to Parent teacher conferences I would take them to do something fun. They did it and we went here to take pictures, to Red Robin for lunch and then to the Gilbert House! It was such a fun day!!!

What more can I say about my little Peanut! We just love her sweet spirit and she brings joy to our home! She cut her first 2 teeth this last week.

This big kid is a huge huge help at our house! I can hardly believe he is 10 years old. He usually love to get his pictures taken but today he was "board" with the whole thing. At least he would hold still I guess. He really pulled it together all day today, helped clean up in the morning, and was very obedient during our outings!

My boys were being a little stinkerish so I didn't get the best pictures of them... They were more excited about getting to the other fun stuff of the day. But I still have to say I love love love this creative fun kid. He cracks me up and his baby sister Ruth just adores him also!

Amelia is such a sweet girl. I loved visiting with her teacher today, she raves about what a good girl she is and it warms my heart. She really is so sweet I am such a lucky mom to have her!

I love this girl! She is just full of personality and so much fun. Her sweet cheeks are just squishable!

All 5 of them!!! Oh so cute!

Today's adventures!

This morning I told the kids that if they got their rooms clean before parent teacher conferences I would take them to do something fun. I was AMAZED when they did it! (It often takes all day or days!) They worked together with out fighting and got it done and away we went after the conferences were done. (With rave reviews on all 3 of them!) We had a really fun day!

One of our favorite rooms! The bubble room! We always try to see how big we can make the bubbles. Ruth was fascinated with the bubbles. I had her in the snugglie so there are no pictures of her but I was blowing bubbles and she was watching them very closely!

The shadow room is really cool. I want one in my house!

Brock checking out a dragonfly wing in the microscope! Very cool!

We love this little play grocery store! We could spend all day shopping and putting back. It wasn't to busy today so we could take our time a little and the kids had a great time here!


Nastics is what Hayden calls Gymnastics. Both Hayden and Amelia got to start gymnastics this week. For the next few weeks 2 days a week that is where we will be. So far they love it! Amelia has done this before but it is new to Hayden. She is really excited every time we get to go. She is so cute the whole time!

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green Dinner!

Every year we have green dinner for St. Patrick's Day. It is always fun and my kids LOVE it! This year we stuck with the green wrapped hot dogs, and changed up some of the other stuff. Here is a peek!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Big Brother Brock!

All of our kids love Ruth. They love holding her, carrying her around and trying to make her laugh. This afternoon Brock was holding her having some "special time" just the two of them (I was making cookies). The I hear him say, "mom come take a picture of us." I can't pass it up when they ask me to do it. So I thought I would catch a few shots of the two of them together. So sweet!
(p.s. Mom I know you say you think she looks like Brock but I think in this picture you can see Emily. Which is who I see when I look at her!)



I forgot to post what Ethan got for his 10th birthday. He got the whole box set of Harry Potter books. He is in heaven! All I can say is thank goodness for Amazon.com and their cheep books.
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Monday, March 8, 2010

Ethan's 10th birthday!

My little/big boy is 10! So weird to think that 10 years ago right now I was in labor for the first time. (HE was born at almost 10 pm) He was such a sweet baby, hardly ever cried (unless he was really sick!) Most of the time his ear infections would have to be really bad before I knew something was wrong because he was just so calm. He gave us a scare on his way out by being stuck and having the cord around his neck 2 times. But he came out all right and with a little scratch from the forceps. He ended up with 2 stitches due to the forceps. He still has a tiny scare right in his hair line. If you don't know it is there you can't see it. Probably only his momma notices. He is a big help and a good boy. In fact today he changed his first diaper. I was folding his laundry (usually I make them do their own but on your birthday you don't have any chores at our house) So I was doing his chores and Ruth had a major diaper issue and he took care of it for me. He really is responsible and a good boy. He finished his bear last month and is moving on to Weblos in cub scouts! I am just so proud of him.

Ethan's 10!

Today is Ethan's 10th Birthday! Saturday we had his party with his friends. We just took the boys to the park and played Lazar tag, then had pizza, and lemon meringue pie. It was a lot of fun watching boys just running around being boys.

I love this picture. I just told the boys I wanted to get a picture of them together before they ran off to play and they just posed so "manly" for me. Boys and guns! There was Jacob, Ethan, Eli, Joshua, and Caleb

Ethan the mighty hunter, and Eli below.

Ethan decided this year he wanted lemon meringue pie. He was having a hard time picking a cake idea and I finally told him, you know you can have pie, or any other desert you want! He was pretty excited about that idea! Since we were going to the park with his friends I thought little mini pies would be easier then cutting pie,and all that. So I made these cupcake sized pies. They were so cute and so much fun! The boys liked them to for the most part. I made a big pie for tonight for the real birthday.
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Friday, March 5, 2010

Big Sisters

I see Ruth growing and developing all the time. Although she is growing slow. She still can fit into 0-3 month clothes (although they are getting tight) She is fitting in 3-6 month clothes better all the time. She has officially out grown her size 0 shoes too. It becomes more obvious all the time that she will be a mini me. She doesn't look just like me but she is built just like I was and growing just like I did. She is healthy in every way she is just going to be our peanut baby. Which in a way is really nice because it will feel like she is a little baby for much longer then most babies. (Because she is! There is a baby in our ward that is 2 months younger then she is and has out grown her by quite a bit!)

Amelia has loved being a big sister. She loved Hayden when she was a baby and still does but this time around she is big enough to go pick the baby up and carry her around. A new found freedom for Amelia. She LOVES this roll as big sister and takes advantage of it anytime she can. The only problem is that Hayden thinks she should be able to pick her up also.


A few weeks ago this was Hayden and I's conversation. Hayden: I want to pick up the baby.
Me: You can't pick her up your self
Hayden: But I want to.
Me: I don't care you can NOT pick up the baby
Hayden: I want to pick up the baby
Me: I told you you can not pick her up
Hayden: But I want to
This went on for a while... Needless to say she did NOT get to pick up the baby. I let her hold her sitting down but not carrying her around.
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hayden's Art

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Hayden has just discovered the love of "drawing". She has loved to color for a long time but she is just now making pictures of her own. Sunday she drew me and Hayden and I asked her to draw everyone in our family. I labeled it so I could remember who she said was each person. I love how little children draw what is "important" to them. She has eyes (tiny dots) and feet on everyone. You might not be able to see on the scan but I just love to watch how the develop. Thought I would share.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This is It!

So I grew up loving Micheal Jackson's music. I wasn't one of those that had the t-shirts, posters... (I saved all that for New Kids on the Block). Although I had a cousin that had a poster and I remember being a bit jealous. I do remember singing all of his songs, loving each video, and mostly watching him dance. Anyway when his movie This Is It was released to video I wanted to watch it. This being said I knew my husband would NOT enjoy watching with me. He is NOT a fan and is a bit grossed out by him. Sure I don't agree with lots of stuff but I am talking about the legendary musician he was and wanted to remember back when.... anyway I added it to my Netflix list thinking I would watch by myself (like that ever happens with 5 kids). But then Monday I thought I would watch it with my kids while we fold laundry. (This is our Monday job to fold ALL the laundry together.) After all I think that it is the parents job to pass a long their music to their kids. I had great parents who educated me well in their music. I can sing almost any Credence Clear water song, lots of Beatles music, Stevie Nicks/ Fleatwood Mac, and much more thanks to my great parents. So taking on the responsibility of passing this on to my kids I thought we would watch together. It was funnier then I thought it would be! Hayden ever the entertainer at our house would say things like, "Why does he say "Ow!"" I would chuckle and say it is the way he sings. (I guess I never questioned why he says it it just makes the song "cool".) Then she would say, "Why does he say Who, who, Who?" Laughing again, same answer, part of the song. Then again during one of the songs she says, "why does he say, why why?" Same answer again. It was pretty cute. Ethan thought the dancing was cool and Brock just wanted to know when he was going to die. I had explained to them that he had died and that was why they had made this movie. Now I just need to get the cd so I can play it for them till they start singing all the words. All my tapes from my childhood have disappeared. Besides that who has something to play a cassette with these days anyway? I should find some old NKOTB cd's too just to cover all my bases!