Friday, March 5, 2010

Big Sisters

I see Ruth growing and developing all the time. Although she is growing slow. She still can fit into 0-3 month clothes (although they are getting tight) She is fitting in 3-6 month clothes better all the time. She has officially out grown her size 0 shoes too. It becomes more obvious all the time that she will be a mini me. She doesn't look just like me but she is built just like I was and growing just like I did. She is healthy in every way she is just going to be our peanut baby. Which in a way is really nice because it will feel like she is a little baby for much longer then most babies. (Because she is! There is a baby in our ward that is 2 months younger then she is and has out grown her by quite a bit!)

Amelia has loved being a big sister. She loved Hayden when she was a baby and still does but this time around she is big enough to go pick the baby up and carry her around. A new found freedom for Amelia. She LOVES this roll as big sister and takes advantage of it anytime she can. The only problem is that Hayden thinks she should be able to pick her up also.


A few weeks ago this was Hayden and I's conversation. Hayden: I want to pick up the baby.
Me: You can't pick her up your self
Hayden: But I want to.
Me: I don't care you can NOT pick up the baby
Hayden: I want to pick up the baby
Me: I told you you can not pick her up
Hayden: But I want to
This went on for a while... Needless to say she did NOT get to pick up the baby. I let her hold her sitting down but not carrying her around.
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