Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Spring Break

During Spring break my sister in law came and spent the night with us then we went to OMSI the next day.

This is Hyrum my nephew and Johnnie my niece. We sure had fun!

The new exhibit is about space and the kids thought it was pretty cool. It was getting a little bit crowded by that point so we kind of sped through that part. Ethan wanted to look at some of the stuff that had long lines but I was getting tired as were some of the kids getting hungry so we kind of went through that part fast.


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Needless to say we had a very busy spring break and jam packed it with fun. I knew that was the only way I wasn't going to go crazy by the end of it. Although Thursday and Friday we spent at home and I scrapbooked all day, the kids played with friends here at home. It worked out nicely. I got some stuff I got some old stuff done that I needed to do, but still have much to catch up on! Now I still have to catch up on the house work!

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