Friday, April 2, 2010

Accountable Kids

So earlier in March I ordered these Accountable kids boards and the book that came with it! I was really excited about it because for months I had been trying to come up with some way of doing a chore chart that would have tags that they would move from to do to done, and I was having a rough time trying to figure out how to put my idea into action and have it be something that would hold up... then I got a message from a friend on face book that she was ordering these and we could get a group discount if we had enough orders. I was in a took her the check that day! This was the idea I was trying to do and couldn't get it together! LOVE it!!! So on top of it there is a book that teaches how to use the program. It is not only a chore chart it is a whole program with rewards, and discipline. I love the program and know this will work really well with my kids, they will all want different kinds of rewards which is fine because that is how it works, you make it fit the kids by knowing what is important to them! We have only been at it for 4 days and I can tell this is catching very quick for Hayden, she is more willing to do things because if she doesn't she can't watch Dora (her favorite thing to turn tickets in for!) Amelia is such a sweet girl that is mostly agreeable that I hardly ever had a hard time getting her to do things anyway but now she is seeing the rewards for her good behavior very clearly, not to be to mean to my boys but her good behavior is going to show them the rewards of good behavior too and hopefully they will quickly come to realize that they can have these fun things too. They both do their jobs (Ethan very quickly and hardly ever needs to be reminded either!) But he often looses tickets for negative behavior. I love this program because it is going to help me teach away those behaviors and with out a screaming match. He might still get mad and yell but I feel empowered and don't need to get mad, it is clear cut do this get that do this and loose that! I think he will catch it very very quickly. Last night was much much better already at bed time, but this morning was rough... so I think we will get there soon! Anyway I am loving the program and even bought a board for Ruth so that when she is big she can "get with the program!"
We got to decorate our boards and I got to try out cutting vinyl with my Cricut for the first time. It was lots of fun. I let each of the kids pick 2 things to have on their board other then their name. Well technically Hayden didn't choose hers because I did hers while she was napping. I knew she would love what ever I chose and I knew if I let her choose it would be a battle so I just did it to keep things simple. She loves purple so I did her name in purple and put cute pink butterflies on there. She loved it!

Amelia stuck with princess crowns for her decorations. Which was nice, and easy. turned out cute too!

Brock did dinosaurs OF COURSE! He lives and breathes for Dino's. His was the hardest to do because he has very very clear ideas on how he wants things to be! But we made it simple and got the job done!

Ethan choose sports stuff for his. He had fun decorating and choosing stuff for his board.


The Gatherums said...

your vinyl looks great. The boards look wonderful. Hope it all helps.

Kelli said...

Hey I have one too but I didn't buy the book. Can you explain the bonus bucks and privilage passes to me.hotstuff

Kelli said...

K sorry about the "HOt stuff" on the last post- I was typing something else- don't know how it got on there! :)

Amanda Davis said...

Kelli it was because you think I am hot stuff just admit it!

Mo said...

You will find that the boys will see Amelia's good behavior as "being Mom's favorite". (sound familiar?) I never did anything special or more rewarding for you, but the lack of punishment is still referred to as being the favorite. Can't win!