Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Roll over





I think I mentioned that Ruth was rolling over in my previous post but I thought I would put some pictures on here for some proof. She is still such a peanut but the sweetest little peanut around. Everyone just loves this little doll! I feel like I am not blogging half of what is going on in our life right now because we are so so busy but I am trying to cover some of the milestones. Other things not pictured yet are Ethan is in baseball. That takes up 3 days a week (sometimes 4 if he has a Monday game). He has the same coach he had last year which we are happy about. He is really great, works with Ethan well, and he teaches him a lot! They won their fist game which was Saturday. They won 10-6. It was all very exciting. But I didn't take any pictures. He had one hit, and got hit by the ball once. He also got to run in to home once. His second game is tonight.
The girls are both in gymnastics. Tomorrow is their last day for this session but I signed them up for one more month of it because it was so much fun! Amelia is getting closer to doing a cartwheel and Hayden can now do somersaults all by her self clear across the mats!
Ruth cut her 1st top tooth making the total to 3 teeth. The second top one isn't to far behind. Probably in the next week that one should be through.
Brock is turning 8 next month and is getting very excited to start cub scouts, and be baptized. Which won't be until June since we have Stake baptisms here. He was invited to go to scouts today because they are starting to build bird houses and they wanted him to get to pass that off with the rest of the boys. It was so cute when I told him this morning that he was getting to go. He got all puffed up, and excited to go and Ethan went and kind of patted him on the back like "way to go, or welcome to the club." It was so cute!
Last week the Youth had their annual lip sync for mutual and the ward comes and watches. It was so much fun. The leaders got to do one also. It was a lot of fun. I had someone video it for me but I am having a hard time getting video loaded on to my blog lately... I think the files are to big. So You probably won't see any of it on here... but trust me it was pretty fun. I never new that a song about toast could be so funny!
Our chore charts are working pretty good.... we are having the typical things that happen anytime a parent puts their foot down to bad behavior and having some of the rebel ion, but I am certain that as we keep at it things will work out. Amelia has earned her first date night and went to Cold stone with Larry Saturday, and went to get her scrapbook. She was so giddy to spend the afternoon with daddy! This has inspired Hayden who does totally understand the program because she can tell me how it works, she just often chooses not to do her jobs... we are getting there with her. The boys are doing well at earning their tickets.... now we are working on keeping them long enough to redeem them. But I don't want to dog on them to hard on here. But as a few of my friends can testify, there are days that are rough and this is the whole reason I wanted to do this. I don't want to go into to much detail as to not embarrass my child, but we had a day last week that is in the top of probably 5 days of the worst day ever of parenting/kids behavior I can remember! Let's just say I couldn't name the other 5 right now either right now unless I thought really really hard. Maybe because this one is so fresh and it was so public. But I had the battle of all battles with my child in a very public way while my girls were in gymnastics, so I felt like I couldn't just pack him up and leave. Now I know better. But it did come down to this kid getting bread, and milk for dinner, and then going to bed at 6:00 in the evening because he had exhausted ALL other options! There comes a time where you just don't know what else to take away, or what to do to a child who acts so outrageouse! All I can say is things are getting better and he is getting the idea.... Although I am told that I hate him and wish he hadn't been born. So then we have long talks about how that isn't true and that I do love him and he has to be responsible for his actions.... Anyway we are working it out and things will get better.

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