Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Big sister


Ruth LOVES her big sister. When she sees Amelia coming to her she just lights up. She does what I call the full body smile, she smiles so big she wiggles. It is so sweet to see this bond that they have! Amelia loves to talk to her sing to her, carry her around, entertain her, read to her... Last night as I was making dinner Ruth was getting a bit fussy and I sent Amelia to hold her. This made Ruth very happy. Amelia sat rocking her and sining to her, when I came to get Amelia so she could have dinner this is what I found. A sweet 6 year old sister who had rocked her baby sister to sleep. I have to admit it brought a few tears to my eyes at the sweetness of it all, I had to capture it on film so I wouldn't forget!
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Oh and don't worry about the angle of Ruth's head, she LIKES it like that! In fact she will force it to be like that even in her bed at night!


Kelli said...

That is so sweet!

Julia Shinkle said...

So cute! As always it was fun to see you this morning. I should have a sneek peek ready later tonight! : )

Mo said...

You're lucky to have built in helpers. My older ones never were much at helping with babies. So sweet.