Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Funny Hayden!

Hayden has always cracked me up. So many times lately I have wished I could just freeze her at this stage because she is so sweet and funny, not to say she doesn't have her difficult moments either but her funny out weighs the naughty! Anyway we were listening to some "up beat" primary songs in the car while I was working on picking a song for the lip sync and it would come on and Hayden would say, "mom this song makes me happy!" Then "The Itsy Bitsy Spider came on and I was singing along and she would scream "AHHH stop singing I hate spiders!" I kept laughing and later she told me, "Mom I like frogs (only said ogs) and snakes (naks) but I don't like spiders (iders) they are scary!" I am telling you she cracks me up!
Some days she doesn't want to do her chores on her chart and she will just choose not to (which also means no tv, no computer....) then If I get down to her level and tell her Hayden I really want you to do your jobs so that you can earn a ticket. If you have a ticket then you can do fun things. She says "OK" and runs off all excited, "I am going to do my jobs!" If only 10 year olds would get that excited that easy... were getting there. Today was better....
Oh and Ruth had her 6 month check up today! She got 3 shots, poor baby! She weighed in at a whopping 12 lbs 7 oz, putting her in the 1% of her age, and is now 23 inches long putting her in the 0% of her age. We call her peanut, any wonder why. She is growing every time and is perfectly healthy but if you look at her mommy you won't wonder why she is so little. We love her to pieces!!!


Alli said...

Hayden IS adorable! She has an open invitation to come and play anytime. And Eden is soon going to pass up Ruth in both height and weight! She just had her 2 mo. appt and was 11 lbs 5 oz and 22 1/2inches long. Not much difference between those two!

Amanda Davis said...

Ruth is the size of most of my 3 month old babies! So yes Eden will be catching and passing her soon!