Sunday, January 24, 2010

Name that baby....

Can you name each of these babies? Larry and I have decided Ruth looks a lot like her sisters! More of one than another. I couldn't find the exact one I was looking for but this will do.

#1 is Ruth at 3 months
#2 is Hayden at 3 months (she is chubbier but she started a full pound heavier)
#3 is Amelia at 6 weeks

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ruth's 3 months old!

I can hardly believe that Ruth is now 3 months old! She is growing so fast and it is going by so fast. I can say she is growing so fast but she still easily fits in 0-3 month clothes. But she also started out much smaller then my other babies so, go figure! She is sweet, easy to make smile and all her siblings love her!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Just what has kept us busy...

So we are all back in line with our computer and I am feeling somewhat back in order. But I have to admit I was getting lots of other stuff done with no computer. I am trying to keep up my dejunking gig though. I am trying to get one of my clutter spots cleaned up a day, one day I tackled the desk, then the junk drawer, utensil drawer, you get the idea. Maybe next I will get the closet taken care of. The hope is to keep things tidy, and not let things build up... We will see how that goes. I have also started working out and eating healthy to get rid of the "baby" weight." We have been keeping pretty busy around here so I haven't really been putting stuff up here. So I thought I would take a few minutes and post a shot or two to show some of what we have been up to lately. Oh and Ruth is now 3 months old (I know I can't believe it either!!!) So I will try to get some pictures taken and on here to show her growth! I can hardly believe how much she looks like Hayden! We were looking at pictures of Hayden at the same age and you could mix them up... maybe I will work on posting one side by side so you can see... tomorrow or Sunday's project I suppose!
Monday I took the kids to the Gilbert House in Salem. We get in for free with the OMSI pass that Larry's parents bought us for Christmas. We made it a quick trip because we also needed to go to Costco, and the grocery store that day. But it was enough that they got to do something fun, and I got them to clean their rooms as bribery to go!

Ethan has been playing Basketball since soccer got out in November. But games just started in January. He is loving it and it is a totally new sport to him. Our Bishop is his coach so that is a lot of fun for him too. I have to say that I secretly (or not so secretly now that I am posting this) love it too because we worked it out that I am not having to drag all 5 of my kids out 2 times a week for practices because he picks him up and drops him off.

This picture is funny because Amelia was having so much fun playing Barbies last Saturday. The funny thing is that Brock was playing with her, I am all for boys playing with Barbies, I think it is good for them just like it is good for girls to play in the mud, with frogs, and with cars. Plus they play nicely together! Anyway Larry snuck up there to snap a picture of it but Brock caught him and ran to hid, If you look closely there is is leg in the corner I think.

Hayden has been practicing her big sister skills.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Technical Difficulties!

So I have gone a week and a half now with NO computer! Our old one died unexpectedly, our dear friend tried to save it, he did save the information (aka all my pictures) but we still had to get a new computer. So here we are off and running with our first ever purchased computer. Ever computer we have ever had has been a hand me down, or built out of several computers. (It pays to have amazing friends who are so technically suave!) But the free computer days are over and we broke down about paid for one! Now maybe I can get caught up on all my other stuff... It will take me a few days I think!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Best Doctor Ever!

Ok so I just have to say that I am certain that we have the best family Doctor in the whole world! He is really funny, cracks jokes, and tells funny stories, he is great with my kids (they actually pretend that they are him when the play doctor), but he actually takes time caring for his patients. Last year when we switched to him Amelia was the first one to have an appointment and she needed a well child check up and to get 5 shots so she could go to school. He was so nice to her and he actually helped give some of the shots (we have NEVER had a DR give shots before just their assistants/ nurses!) So then a few days later she gets a postcard in the mail from him, written by him telling her she is the bravest girl he has ever met and all that nice stuff. Then a week or 2 after Ruth was born he removed a bunch of warts off the bottom of my feet. He "entertains" while doing the procedure. He sent me a postcard a few days later and then called to double check that I was doing well. I know that we have never had a doctor do that before. The only other Doctor we have had come close was the one that we had when Ethan was brand new. He did Ethan's "little boy" procedure. There were some small complications and he gave us his home phone number and told us to call if there were any complications. It was a good thing he did because I did end up calling him at 10:30 that night and he opened the back door to the office and took care of him in the middle of the night. He left when Ethan was about 6 months old.... it hasn't ever been the same. This great doctor also has been helping me figure out my heart burn problems that seem to have gotten much worse after Ruth was born (backwards I know!) But he gave me 10 days worth of meds which were about $100 worth of medicine, then after one medication failed and I came back a month later he wouldn't let me pay for my office visit, and after my blood test results came back he called me right away to let me know the results (which were negative so no ulsur.) Only once have I had the actual doctor call and give me test results and that was after my last miscarriage and they did testing and she told me what the results were and what I needed to do to prevent miscarriages. Our new doctor also had a big Christmas party for seniors and invited his patients to come and serve dinner to the seniors, and those of us with to many little kids were invited for pie and visits with Santa at the end of the party. My kids had a blast! We love our new doctor and hope he never gets so busy things change. That is why I won't be publishing his name so that all of you that live anywhere near here won't switch doctors and crowd up his office!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I have been trying for a few weeks to really catch Ruth smiling on camera but most of the time I hog them up before I get the camera out. I was a little faster today and thought I would try to get some to post. This is just a tiny glimpse still. Some times the smiles are so big her tong is hanging out and she scrunches up. It is sooo sweet! I just love her to pieces! She is laying on the floor in her bloppy right now with no one even talking or looking at her but I look over every minute or so and she is sitting there all smiley to herself! What an angel!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year Day

Larry's parents gave us the gift of a years membership to OMSI this year for Christmas! We were so excited to go play that we went New Years Day (I don't recommend it on that day though unless you go really early and don't stay all day! It is one of the busiest days and it was crazy busy afternoon!) But we had a lot of fun. I am glad that we get to go back as often as we want this year though because you really can't see it all in one day. We skipped some stuff and went quickly through some but we did get to watch the Dinosaurs Alive movie in the Omnimax theater, and a stars show in the Planetarium. Which was really funny because every time it got dark Hayden in her Hayden voice (which is NOT quiet) would say "I can't see!" Larry and I would crack up every time. It was a fun day!

One of the highlights with my Dino loving kids! Even Hayden is in love with dinosaurs at our house so she was really excited to see this!

I have tons of pictures of Hayden because she would stay interested in things longer. The rest of the kids would run to the next thing and I would have to entice her to move on.

Even Ruth had fun! She slept in the stroller off and on and rode in her snugglie pack and napped for a while. As always she was an angel baby and was a joy to have a long with us!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Montage 1/2/10 at

Sorry that these pictures are out of order for our year but after spending close to 2 hours on this I wasn't about to spend more just to put them back in order! So watch at your own risk I guess! It has been a great year! On to the new one!