Friday, November 30, 2007

Family Photos!

On Hayden's birthday my cousin Braden took some family pictures. He did such an amazing job! I thought I would post some of them! I hope you like them as much as I do! Check them out!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hayden's First Year!

Well we had Hayden's first birthday! Alot has happend in that one year and we are so blessed to have her in our family! She truly is an angel!!!! I put a few pictures on here that I missed getting on my first attempt at a slide show! I hope I can get the link on here! Enjoy looking at our sweet sweet girl!

Friday, November 9, 2007

I've been tagged!


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Seven facts.

1. Since Alli admitted it I will. I passed gas once in front of Larry while we were engaged!!! He was popping my back! I wanted to die!!! He still thinks it is funny!

2. I have only lived in two towns my entire life!!! I was born and raised in Prineville and then moved here to Monmouth!

3. I have never eaten Liver, brussle sprouts, or any other kind of guts (unless you count hot dogs!) Oh and I never plan on doing so!

4. In all my years of dancing I never learned to tap. I did ballet, jazz, & modern but never tap?! Weird!

5. I'm not good at sewing and am jealous of all those who can follow a pattern, But I do love to quilt! I usually make the pattern up myself and no matter how hard I try they always are falling apart somewhere soon after they are finished! But I love all the stages of quilting except for getting the thing on the quilt rack! (I prefer hand quilting)

6. I don't like ground beef. In almost any form I just don't like the texture! I use it in meals but I almost always just don't eat that part (I never tell my kids so they won't think it is ok too.)

7. Once on a date with Larry we were walking on the beach just talking (this was before we were even discussing marriage or even being a couple!) We were talking about kids and I said "When we when I have kids....." He has never let me forget it and he always makes it sound wayyyyyy worse then I actually said it!

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Giving Thanks!

I was inspired last night when I saw a friends blog and she listed some of the things that she was thankful for. I went to bed thinking of all the things I wanted to list as I counted my blessings. It is therapeutic for me and helps me focus on all I have and not worry or not focus on the things that I want and often think that I need or that I don't have. So I thought it would be fun to put them on my blog too! In no particular order....

1. The Gospel
2. My sweet husband (he works so hard to take care of us!)
3. Ethan & the times he is my sweet snugly boy and eager to please me (I wish this were more often!)
4. Brock and his way of always making me smile
5. Ameila and her cute voice that is always singing
6. Hayden She is an angel sent from above who has filled a hole that was in my heart!
7. My mom who has helped me be who I am and still helps me to become better
8. My dad who taught me all I know about serving in a calling and so much more!
9. My brothers who teased me mercilessly when I was young but who I love now
10. My sister I wasn't sure if I liked her when we were little but now I only wish she were closer all the time! ( I miss you Emily!)
11. My calling in the church, It is time consuming but there is no better place then with these wonderful children!
12. My Beautiful home that is safe and warm and more then I dreamed I would ever have!
13. Dishwashers (how many hours does it save a week!?)
14. Washing machines ( I would not make a good pioneer) I know I complain about laundry but where would we be with out modern convenience
15. my garbage disposal (don't laugh it keeps my garbage from smelling even worse and saves me during canning season!)
16. Modern medicine! (epidurals especially!)
17. Computers and that we can keep in touch so easily now days!
18. Air conditioning!
19. Heat in the winter
20. a car that doesn't break down all the time!
21. Being able to be a stay at home mom and not have to go to work!
22. A husband who can fix everything (I know I already said him but he has a lot of things I am thankful for I wont list them all that would be inappropriate!)
23. cameras, with out I wouldn't remember most of life!
24. video cameras with out I would forget what my kids sounded like
25. My grandparents Ben and Donna, Both have passed on but have left an amazing legacy and helped me know the importance of family, and love in a marriage
26. President Hinkley
27. Katie Schmidt (now Katie Tucker) with out her through middle and high school I would not be where I am today that I know for sure!
28. Laura and Leti Wetzel with out them in college I would have lost all faith in having girl friends
29. All of my wonderful girl friends I have now! You all touch my life in different ways that I would be incomplete with out. (STOP MOVING AWAY!)
30. Kelly Gard- who showed me you can have sisters who were not born to the same parents!
31. Rain (as much as I really hate it there wouldn't be flowers or water to water ski in with out it!) The best rain is in Central Oregon though because of the wonderful smell!!!
32. Snow
33. Flowers
34. The Temple,
35. The priesthood
36. Music (Both inspirational kinds and fun kinds!)
37. Laughter (it really is the best medicine)
38. Sunshine (especially after the rain)
39. hot cocoa
40. all chocolate
41. all food in general
42. the craft of scrapbooking (it is very therapeutic for me and a social outlet)
43. our dog Dotty (she is always ready for snuggle or play time!)
44. a comfortable bed
45. chiropractors
46. My kids teachers
47. My kids friends that help my kids choose the right and entertain them in good ways
48. Good Books
49. The Book of Mormon
50. All other books of scripture
51. Joesph Smith
52. Gardens (only the parts you get to eat not the weed part!!!)
53. Games
54. Running water
55. Most of all Jesus Christ He is the giver of all gifts and the reason I have all these blessings and many many more. But I am sure you are tired of reading this as much as my children are tired of me writing this! I truly am blessed!

Thursday, November 8, 2007


This weekend we decided that we were over due for a family day of fun. We have been so busy with Soccer, primary stuff...... and on and on that we were going to do something with the kids that was just for fun. So we took them to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. We had won the tickets from the Library's summer reading program. So it was affordable to go. The kids loved it! (So did we!) They loved the tunnels with fish swimming all around. They really caught Hayden's attention! The touching pond was the main event. We spent 1/2 our time there! They just loved feeling all the starfish and other creepy things they have there! The otters were their usual playful selves. They kept giving kisses, and high fives through the glass. They are really funny and usually one of my favorite parts. We finished the day off with dinner at Mo's! The best place to go when at the beach of course! The sun was starting to set so it was a beautiful view! We had to go out on the board walk to watch for a while. I got some really great pictures of the sun set!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Batman Halloween!

The Cast of Batman: Batman Played by Ethan, Robin: Brock, Cat Woman: Amelia, The Penguin: Hayden, The Riddler: Larry, and Poison Ivy: Amanda! We all had fun coming up with our costumes and enjoy doing a theme each year. I will try to keep the tradition alive as long as my kids will go along with me. It will be a sad day for me more then anyone when things change! Anyone want some candy? We have waaaaaaaaaaay To much at our house!

Family Home Pumkin Night

My kids love our traditional Pumpkin Family Home evening. Every year the Monday before Halloween we carve our pumpkins. Hayden loved the pumpkins as long as she was not inside it. We always take a picture of the baby in the pumpkin and I thought it would be so fun to put on my blog... But the picture was to sad to post. She did not like it one bit! But she loved them from the outside. So that will have to do! They each got to design their one face and I did one that looked like Hayden (it had the same number of teeth anyway but defiantly not as cute as she is!) It was a fun evening for all!
Ethan's Pumkin looked like an ailein!
Brock's ended up looking cute with 2 square noses!