Thursday, November 8, 2007


This weekend we decided that we were over due for a family day of fun. We have been so busy with Soccer, primary stuff...... and on and on that we were going to do something with the kids that was just for fun. So we took them to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. We had won the tickets from the Library's summer reading program. So it was affordable to go. The kids loved it! (So did we!) They loved the tunnels with fish swimming all around. They really caught Hayden's attention! The touching pond was the main event. We spent 1/2 our time there! They just loved feeling all the starfish and other creepy things they have there! The otters were their usual playful selves. They kept giving kisses, and high fives through the glass. They are really funny and usually one of my favorite parts. We finished the day off with dinner at Mo's! The best place to go when at the beach of course! The sun was starting to set so it was a beautiful view! We had to go out on the board walk to watch for a while. I got some really great pictures of the sun set!

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Alli said...

Looks like fun! I like the new family picture. I tagged you just in case you didn't have enough things to do - see my blog for details.