Friday, November 9, 2007

I've been tagged!


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Seven facts.

1. Since Alli admitted it I will. I passed gas once in front of Larry while we were engaged!!! He was popping my back! I wanted to die!!! He still thinks it is funny!

2. I have only lived in two towns my entire life!!! I was born and raised in Prineville and then moved here to Monmouth!

3. I have never eaten Liver, brussle sprouts, or any other kind of guts (unless you count hot dogs!) Oh and I never plan on doing so!

4. In all my years of dancing I never learned to tap. I did ballet, jazz, & modern but never tap?! Weird!

5. I'm not good at sewing and am jealous of all those who can follow a pattern, But I do love to quilt! I usually make the pattern up myself and no matter how hard I try they always are falling apart somewhere soon after they are finished! But I love all the stages of quilting except for getting the thing on the quilt rack! (I prefer hand quilting)

6. I don't like ground beef. In almost any form I just don't like the texture! I use it in meals but I almost always just don't eat that part (I never tell my kids so they won't think it is ok too.)

7. Once on a date with Larry we were walking on the beach just talking (this was before we were even discussing marriage or even being a couple!) We were talking about kids and I said "When we when I have kids....." He has never let me forget it and he always makes it sound wayyyyyy worse then I actually said it!

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Alli said...

There is actually some of that stuff that I didn't know about you!