Friday, February 21, 2014

Valentines Day!

We had our traditional all red Valentines Day dinner.
This year we had stuffed shells, beats, 3 layers of red jello, red juice, and french bread with pink butter.
We also had 2 of our favorite missionaries over. Elder Pawlowski, and Elder Child.
If you can't tell it was lots of fun.

Friday, February 14, 2014


 Warning!!!! Long post!!!! But this was the most amazing vacation/ adventure we have ever taken as a family! First time on  an air plane for all of my kids, and our first time going to Disneyland. It was so much fun. I will try not to type a lot because there are so many pictures but I want to remember some of the details to so feel free to skip it all if you don't want to look but this is mostly for me anyway... I know no one reads this! Our first day we went to California Adventure and LOVED everything we saw and did! (Which was true all week!)
 Larry ran over to get a few fast passes for us first thing and while we waited we met Lightning McQueen and went on a tractor ride and got to these tire rides. That is where Larry caught up with us!

 At one point the big kids were on a big roller coaster right next to this King Triton's carousel. Hayden and Ruth loved it!

 The first day in the park was Amelia's actual 10th birthday. We celebrated at Ariel's Grotto for lunch. It was so magical!!!! We met Ariel of course and Ruth was star struck. While we were waiting in the stairway you could look down and see her and Ruth kept calling to her "Ariel Ariel I'm up here!!" It was so cute! When we were with her Ruth was trying to look under her dress for her tail. She informed her that she only has her tail in the water and her legs on land.
 At lunch we also met these amazing princesses! Ruth Loved each one and could hardly wait for them to get to us. I'm glad they came out before the food came. They helped her be patient waiting for food and didn't distract her from eating. They were all so sweet and so beautiful!

 Hayden ordered this Ursala's lunch that was a hot dog cut like an octopus, mac and cheese shells and gold fish crackers. She loved it! The adult meals were WAY nicer and SOOOOO good. Only the 2 little girls had kids meals. The boys had tri tip, and Larry and Amelia had the catch of the day which was Mahi Mahi.
 Radiator springs was AMAZING! Just like walking though the movie!!!

 So all of this isn't all in order but I am not going to rearrange all of these! We got to meet this cute Russel from UP. At California Adventure!
 All the kids got Mickey and Minnie ears the first day and wore them the entire week. It was really cute!
 The Parades were AMAZING. Of course!

 First thing in the morning is the perfect time to catch all these guys just as you come into the park!
 Mickey was sooooo funny! I told Hayden to move  because her ears were hiding Brock's face so then Mickey kept covering his face with his hand to tease him. I think Uncle Sunny must have informed Mickey that my kids like that!

 Such a magical place!!! Gotta get pictures in all the traditional places! This day we all wore our Matching Mickey and Minnie shirts
 Princess Tiana
 Aladdin and The Gennie! Gennie as such a ham it was fun!

 Ruth loved this Tarzan's tree house! It isn't super exciting to me but She got to run free which she loved.She had had oreos that day so she was WIRED!
 This castle is so amazing! It is beautiful in all light and the kids liked the walk through part too.
 Donald was so funny! He threatened to leave for lunch because he had to wait a minute for me to get there. I was a little down the road because we had just split up for big kid rides and little kid rides.
 Jessie was cute Ruth was being silly and she kept copying Ruth

 Love how Ruth kept doing this pose! Funny girl!
 Peter Pan was so nice! Ruth showed him she had a Tinkerbell hair clip in and he told her he would tell her all about it!
 Sadly my kids are not strong enough to remove the sword from the stone!
 Classic Dumbo ride was so fun. Ruth had really been looking forward to this one! She got to ride with Daddy and loved it!
 The Mad Hatter posed the kids and got them to be silly with him. So cute!

 Star Wars was the highlight for Ethan!

 Chip and Dale are so cute and fun!

 The Wicked Queen was amazing! She liked Ruth because "she was wearing her favorite color" and she pushed Amelia away and told her she hates pink! Larry hit it off with her when someone else asked her who she was and he said don't you know "she is the fairest of them all" She liked him after that!
 Pixie Hollow was so cute. We even found a hidden Mickey there!
 Ethan was dying to get picked for this. I was so glad he did! I think it wold have ruined his week if he hadn't been!

 This play was a highlight for Ruth! She loved Rapunzel!
 Dole Whip is SOOOOOOOOO good!Good thing it was closed all week till our last day or I would have eaten it everyday!
 My kids loved that this Mickey's Fun Wheel makes me nervous!
 The fireworks were magical and so much fun! Ruth was in heaven as was I!

 Ruth loved meeting Tigger She loves him. But she was a bit sad when she walked away. I asked her what was wrong and she said "Tigger didn't bounce" So Tigger started to bounce around. She informed me later "he didn't bounce on his tail!" She bounces like him A LOT!!!! All over Disneyland!

 All the girls at this play loved Ruth's wig. It mad me so glad I had made it and so glad I had brought it! A couple mom's in the part looked at it so they could make one too!
 Doug was a cutie. The kids loved petting him!
 Ruth (what you can see of her) On Dumbo!!!

 While in Disneyland we met up with one of our missionaries mom. He is from there and when he found out we were going there he told me we had to call his mom. So we did and she and his sister met with us one afternoon, then she came back Friday and went to fireworks with us. We made a new friend! She was so sweet and gave us some good tips. Ruth really bonded with them while we got to go on tower of terror all together. Good thing we all went together I don't think there was any chance Hayden would have gone again!!!! I loved it and would have gone again but it was a little much for the kids. Yet they loved every other ride!!!

 This play was so funny and so well done! Ruth was in Heaven! Larry enjoyed it too! (We all did! I was just surprised when Larry would like stuff like this when I thought he might think it was lame!)
 Amelia got to fight Darth Vador in training! It was so cute that all 3 older kids got picked to do this!
And of course Buzz Light year! It was an amazing week, were all wore our selves out being there from open to close but so so so worth it! Truly Amazing thanks Disneyland!