Monday, February 27, 2012

Ruth's sweetness

As much grief this girl gives me I have to admit she fills my life with joy! Yes busy but she makes me laugh everyday and I love to watch her play. She had a great imagination for a 2 year old. I am told by my mom that when I was little I would wrap up anything (including pop bottles in wash clothes) and treat it like a baby. Ruth does this as well. I took this picture of her with her Dora squirt gun wrapped up. I had just caught her bouncing and shushing it.She does this with everything. Treats it like a baby, bounce and sh sh sh sh. So cute!

I had to take this picture (the above one she is saying cheeeeeese) This is her FAVORITE thing to wear. She had a different favorite shirt (it had Dora on it) But she love love loves to wear a tutu. Any one of her sisters would work but this one she loves (luckily we have 3 of this same one) She will wear it all day and dance around. She sings her own song to dance to (usually at the top of her lungs). Often she will come to hold my hand so she can twirl under my arm. Or she will spin her self around. She is also wearing her big sister Hayden's shoes. She LOVES big girl shoes (NOT HER OWN!) She will wear my heals, and she loves these white shoes. They make a great clumping sound on the wood floor so I am sure she feels like a tap dancer. I don't know if it is because I am teaching dance in our home or if she just is naturally drawn to it but she loves to dance! She dances all the time when she hears music, loves to sing... I just love to watch her go. It is so cute!!!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Book of Mormon Challenge= Harry Potter Castle

About 2 years ago Maybe one and a half, during our Stake Conference (this is a meeting in our church where all the local congregations meet together with their leaders) a little girl spoke about how her parents had challenged her to read the Book of Mormon, (she was 11) and if she did they would buy her a lap top. I had been trying to inspire our boys who were both baptized to do it on their own as well and be more dedicated to doing it not just casual. So Larry and I told them that we would buy them a Wii if they read the whole Book of Mormon. Well Santa cut in on that deal last Christmas but we told the boys that when they finished they would still get a really cool prize. Ethan came to me last week and asked me if the book of Moses was part of the Book of Mormon. I told him "no" that is part of the Pearl Of Great Price. He then informed me that he had read everything up till there. Which means he had read the Doctrine and Covenants as well! I think he was just going to finish the whole Triple Combination! (Which is is going to do because he just kept going!) (A triple combination is one book of scripture with the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and The Pearl of Great Price all in one book). I was so proud of him for finishing it!!! He has been working harder on it lately! Anyway we hadn't said WHAT the prize would be but I had an idea. Amelia had her birthday last week and had some money she wanted to spend so I took her to Toys R Us Friday after school and while we were there I grabbed this Hogwarts Lego set. I knew he would love it and I just hoped he wouldn't say, "oh I wanted a Star Wars Kit!" Instead he was over the moon! He worked all Saturday afternoon building it (he would have started in the morning but I made him do his Saturday jobs first.) He has told me several times since that I am the best mom a boy could want... I don't know about all that since earlier in the week (infact just the day or 2 before) he was telling me about how terrible I was and that I only had him to keep the human race going. I know I laughed too... but he was mad and I know he knows how good he has it he just likes to try to hurt me when he doesn't get his way. I am over it and remind him when he acts that way about how blessed he is. In just a few weeks he will be a priesthood holder and I am just so proud of him! He really is a great kid, works hard, is a great big help and a blessing in our home! Way to go Ethan on your Book of Mormon Challenge!!! Now the challenge is to do it again and again and again for the rest of your life!

Brock has been so excited about this that he is now rededicated to reading as well!!! He usually prefers to write in his journal when I give them their quiet time in the evening for reading and writing but I am pretty sure he will be reading as much as he can for a while. He is determined to get the Hogwarts Express train!

I had to include this picture of Ruth with her "Elmo" in a snugglie I got her. It is actually a kid leash. I ALWAYS said I would NEVER get one of those kid leashes.... well then I was blessed with Ruth. I love this monkey but going anywhere with her is let's say a challenge! So for her safety and my sanity we are going to give this a try. She loves Elmo so much I thought this might make it more fun for her. She does love wearing him around. We have not used it in the store yet... we will see!!!

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Cinderella 8th Birthday party

For Amelia's 8th birthday party we took her and her friends to the High School's play Cinderella. They all had so much fun! The show was amazing and the girls loved it!

Above is a picture of some of the girls with the Queen. (The nice one the Prince's mom) It is really Amanda Quinn who is one of the Young Women in our ward. My girls loved seeing people they knew up there!

And most exciting getting pictures taken with Cinderella, Prince Charming, and the Fairy Godmother!  The girls were really excited about this. Prince Charming is Jocie's big brother Dean, and Cinderella is another one of the YW from our Ward Kimberly Tarnasky. It was so much fun and the did an amazing job!!!
Here is the cake we had with Grandma and Grandpa that night. Not fancy but I had made 2 batches of cupcakes that looked like icecream cones since I had dropped the first batch on the garage floor!

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Friday, February 3, 2012

It's great to be 8!

8 years ago today this is what I was looking at... My first baby girl, so sweet, so perfect and the the newest love in my life! She has filled my life with joy! She was a dream baby, a dream toddler, and a dream 8 year old. I am not going to say every day is perfect but she is such a good girl I am so so blessed to be her mother. She loves to choose the right and do things that will make her mommy, daddy, and family happy. 

This is Amelia at 6 weeks. She was such a beautiful baby. She was a whole 5 lbs 11 oz! It was so much fun playing dress up with her every day!

 This one is when she was 3. I remember this day so clearly. She had so much fun doing this photo shoot until she got tired and hungry then we were DONE. But some how Melanie still got so many amazing shots! Such a pretty girl!

8 years latter here we are with cute ice cream cone cup cakes, pink and purple balloons, and a girl getting ready to be baptized! We are having her party tomorrow. I will post those pictures tomorrow. I was going to do it today but we decided to take her and her friends to the High school play of Cinderella. It is going to be lots of fun!
She did get her Mickey Mouse pancakes before school and I took her her favorite Subway Sandwich to school, along with cookies for her whole class. But she did throw up during recess and they sent her home. She wasn't feeling well but then after a little rest at home seems to have bounced right back. She did this last week after school too, not sure why. She will be ready to party tomorrow!

She really only asked for stuff for her American Girl doll. She got 5 dresses for her doll! The first one here is a birthday party outfit. So cute it came with shoes, a purse, a birthday hat and everything!

This was a set of 3 it had jammies, a dress, and an everyday outfit. Each with shoes, and accessories.
This last one is a dress for her and it came with one that matches for her doll. She had really wanted one of these at Christmas but I couldn't find one then. Well not a knock off anyway because I was NOT going to spend the kind of money that AG wants! She loves this dress. It is going to look so cute on her! It was a wonderful day thinking about how blessed we have been to have this sweet girl in our life, I am sure it will only continue for the next month and many years. She will be baptized next month when Ethan turns 12 and we can do her baptism and Ethan's priesthood ordination the same weekend (this will be better for all the family who will be traveling!)

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

A few of my Spring projects that are done...

My spring bazaar is quickly approaching! In fact it is a month away! I have been trying to get stuff done to sell but with Ruth being as BUSY as she is I don't get nearly as much done as I use to or as much as I think I should be able to get done! But I have some stuff finished... Above is a 4th of July wreath I did.

My summery, gardenish wreath... (I actually did 2 of these I liked it so much.)

St. Patricks Day Wreath.

Easter... Coming soon a Father's Day Wreath!

These aren't for the bazaar they are for the YW in our ward. They are going to be a plaque that helps them keep track of their personal progress. I will most more when they are done.
I love this bunny head I did from a newel post knob. I hope she sells!

I did a bunch of different bird houses just for fun....

Some Easter Peeps... I actually did one in every color they make for real. I think they are fun (please excuse all the mess in the back... I AM BUSY!)

This Uncle Sam is my most favorite!!! I really want to find a few more posts like this to make some more. He is my ONLY one! I hope other people love him as much as I do because I think I could sell a few of him.. or hope so any way!

I love these Easter bunny posts I made too. I have a few small ones done from chair rails that are cute but they need bases to stand still..
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Ground Hogs Day fun

Since it is Ground hogs day I thought it would be fun to do some thing with our shadows. It was perfect because we have a beautiful sunny day today! The first one is Hayden's shadow and Ryker in the stroller

This one is me... Hayden drew it.. She did pretty good
Jace did great at holding still! I loved how his cowboy boots show up in the shadow.

Hayden's first one and our cute bucket of chalk

Cute kids with shadows. Ruth didn't get hers drawn, she wouldn't hold still... imagine that!!!

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