Monday, February 27, 2012

Ruth's sweetness

As much grief this girl gives me I have to admit she fills my life with joy! Yes busy but she makes me laugh everyday and I love to watch her play. She had a great imagination for a 2 year old. I am told by my mom that when I was little I would wrap up anything (including pop bottles in wash clothes) and treat it like a baby. Ruth does this as well. I took this picture of her with her Dora squirt gun wrapped up. I had just caught her bouncing and shushing it.She does this with everything. Treats it like a baby, bounce and sh sh sh sh. So cute!

I had to take this picture (the above one she is saying cheeeeeese) This is her FAVORITE thing to wear. She had a different favorite shirt (it had Dora on it) But she love love loves to wear a tutu. Any one of her sisters would work but this one she loves (luckily we have 3 of this same one) She will wear it all day and dance around. She sings her own song to dance to (usually at the top of her lungs). Often she will come to hold my hand so she can twirl under my arm. Or she will spin her self around. She is also wearing her big sister Hayden's shoes. She LOVES big girl shoes (NOT HER OWN!) She will wear my heals, and she loves these white shoes. They make a great clumping sound on the wood floor so I am sure she feels like a tap dancer. I don't know if it is because I am teaching dance in our home or if she just is naturally drawn to it but she loves to dance! She dances all the time when she hears music, loves to sing... I just love to watch her go. It is so cute!!!

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