Friday, February 3, 2012

It's great to be 8!

8 years ago today this is what I was looking at... My first baby girl, so sweet, so perfect and the the newest love in my life! She has filled my life with joy! She was a dream baby, a dream toddler, and a dream 8 year old. I am not going to say every day is perfect but she is such a good girl I am so so blessed to be her mother. She loves to choose the right and do things that will make her mommy, daddy, and family happy. 

This is Amelia at 6 weeks. She was such a beautiful baby. She was a whole 5 lbs 11 oz! It was so much fun playing dress up with her every day!

 This one is when she was 3. I remember this day so clearly. She had so much fun doing this photo shoot until she got tired and hungry then we were DONE. But some how Melanie still got so many amazing shots! Such a pretty girl!

8 years latter here we are with cute ice cream cone cup cakes, pink and purple balloons, and a girl getting ready to be baptized! We are having her party tomorrow. I will post those pictures tomorrow. I was going to do it today but we decided to take her and her friends to the High school play of Cinderella. It is going to be lots of fun!
She did get her Mickey Mouse pancakes before school and I took her her favorite Subway Sandwich to school, along with cookies for her whole class. But she did throw up during recess and they sent her home. She wasn't feeling well but then after a little rest at home seems to have bounced right back. She did this last week after school too, not sure why. She will be ready to party tomorrow!

She really only asked for stuff for her American Girl doll. She got 5 dresses for her doll! The first one here is a birthday party outfit. So cute it came with shoes, a purse, a birthday hat and everything!

This was a set of 3 it had jammies, a dress, and an everyday outfit. Each with shoes, and accessories.
This last one is a dress for her and it came with one that matches for her doll. She had really wanted one of these at Christmas but I couldn't find one then. Well not a knock off anyway because I was NOT going to spend the kind of money that AG wants! She loves this dress. It is going to look so cute on her! It was a wonderful day thinking about how blessed we have been to have this sweet girl in our life, I am sure it will only continue for the next month and many years. She will be baptized next month when Ethan turns 12 and we can do her baptism and Ethan's priesthood ordination the same weekend (this will be better for all the family who will be traveling!)

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Corinne Ritz said...

Fun and cute! I love 8th birthdays so much! How perfect that the HS is doing Cinderella this weekend! I love taking my daughter to the HS shows. She's actually had kid parts in them the last 2 years.