Thursday, February 2, 2012

A few of my Spring projects that are done...

My spring bazaar is quickly approaching! In fact it is a month away! I have been trying to get stuff done to sell but with Ruth being as BUSY as she is I don't get nearly as much done as I use to or as much as I think I should be able to get done! But I have some stuff finished... Above is a 4th of July wreath I did.

My summery, gardenish wreath... (I actually did 2 of these I liked it so much.)

St. Patricks Day Wreath.

Easter... Coming soon a Father's Day Wreath!

These aren't for the bazaar they are for the YW in our ward. They are going to be a plaque that helps them keep track of their personal progress. I will most more when they are done.
I love this bunny head I did from a newel post knob. I hope she sells!

I did a bunch of different bird houses just for fun....

Some Easter Peeps... I actually did one in every color they make for real. I think they are fun (please excuse all the mess in the back... I AM BUSY!)

This Uncle Sam is my most favorite!!! I really want to find a few more posts like this to make some more. He is my ONLY one! I hope other people love him as much as I do because I think I could sell a few of him.. or hope so any way!

I love these Easter bunny posts I made too. I have a few small ones done from chair rails that are cute but they need bases to stand still..
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Michelle Isaksen said...

Those are so cool! You are a very creative lady. Now I know who to call for an idea, lol.

Michelle Isaksen said...

Cool! I love how creative you are. Now I know who to call for an idea.