Friday, November 16, 2012

Hayden turns 6!

 So I do have more pictures of her birthday but they are on my camera's internal memory and I can't find my cord.... so if I find it I will add some more pictures later. Hayden had a fun birthday though. On her actual birthday she got to spend time at the bazaar. (My kids actually love this and think it is a treat! Which makes me happy because it was the only time I got to spend with her on her birthday.) I did make her her Mickey Mouse pancakes for breakfast though. Daddy also took her out to the Pink House cafe for lunch. Super fun big deal for her! She had her special bubble bath and kisses from me when I got home from take down. Sunday we had Grandma's and Grandpa over for her favorite dinner of stuffed shells, Purple jello, bread sticks, and salad. She and I made her ice cream cake. It was soooooo yummy! We used chocolate cake, mint chocolate chip ice cream, mint Oreos, hot fudge, and frosted it with chocolate cool whip, and crushed mint Oreos. It was GOOOOOD! It's nice to make cakes that just taste good. I have made LOTS of cakes that were more about how they look, I would still and will still do them but I have to admit that I LOVE eating them more when they pick something purely for taste. Anyway she got a new Barbie "Jasmine" one she didn't have and she loves her, she also got a new game for her Leapster, and her very own giant pack of batteries!
On Monday they didn't have school so we had some of her friends come with us to the Bounce House for a party. It was tons of fun and NO work for me which was AWESOME! She got some great presents from her friends that she loves. It was a great birthday and I am so glad she is our Hayden!!!