Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rolls anyone?

I think along with most mom's we take pride in our babies getting fat. Ruth was my tiniest baby weighing in at 5lbs 8oz. Now at almost 3 months she has probably doubled her weight. I just love the little pudgies that are developing on her arms, legs, face, and belly. She is growing so fast witch makes me happy she is healthy but sad that she is not going to stay tiny forever. But I do get to keep them small longer then most people since mine start out so small. She is such a sweet baby, we couldn't ask for more. She has been sleeping 7 to 8 hours at night the last week! I can hardly believe it. I have had babies do this before but I am always suprised when they do it. She is getting so smiley too. I keep trying to get a good picture of her doing it but I always am to late with the camera. I enjoy playing with her and getting her to smile then I remember to get the camera and by then she is tired and ready to go to sleep...



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Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

Hayden got this doll from Santa. It is all she asked for. Originally she just asked for a present but I think her older brother coached her to ask Santa for a baby doll. She loves her baby and everything else she got! I would post more pictures but apparently I was busy playing with my new Christmas present and only took about 5 pictures and most of them were not great... My new toy is a video camera. So at least we got some great video. I hope! I haven't watched it yet. I love it though! We had a wonderful Christmas and I know I truly felt glimpses of the true spirit of Christmas through out the season!

We went to Prineville the morning after Christmas to visit everyone there. It was a lot of fun. Ethan took the Bebe gun he got (no he didn't shoot his eye out!). They shot stuff up, and rode 4 wheelers all afternoon. I don't think I hardly even saw the kids much of the day.
This is my "little" sister holding Ruth. I think Ruth looks like Emily, most of my family said she looks like Brock. I guess she just has very strong Workman genetics because Brock is ALL Workman also! It was so nice to spend time with my sister and visit with her. We don't get to see her much because she lives far away so it was a nice visit.

This is the fun toy Grandma bought Ethan. It is a marble roller coaster. He is having lots of fun with it.

Here are my kids in the Christmas clothes at Grandma's house. I couldn't get a "normal" picture of all of them! This was as close as I could get... so I guess that is about normal. They all looked so cute in their black and red fancy clothes too. It worked out nice because Ruth fit perfectly into Hayden's first Christmas dress which matched the one Amelia wore that year and it fit Hayden this year. All I had to buy was Amelia's dress and new ties for the boys. Brock wore the suit coat that Ethan wore the year Hayden was a baby... Ethan already has a black suit.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Gingerbread house fun!

Forgive me but I am having technical difficulties! But here are my cute kids making their annual gingerbread house! We had a "good" time. As good as it gets with a pack of kids at night doing a craft! We all lived!

Brock used ALL the yellow candy on his Gingerbread man. (accept the few we got out before he got to them!)

This was our end result. After each of the kids helped Larry do a side of the house and we were ready for them to be DONE! I took a turn (I usually don't do any of this it I am just the photographer while Larry does this project with the kids!) I told the kids they couldn't eat what was left of the candy (they were begging to eat the rest) I told them I was going to keep decorating till I used every piece of candy! I did use it all but what was dropped on the floor, what the snuck into their mouths and what was dropped on the floor!

Here is Hayden helping decorate the Gingerbread house! She was so cute!

Is that a camp fire in my kitchen?

No just my birthday cake! My sweet babysitter and friend made this cake for me with my kids while she was watching my kids on my birthday. Larry took me out Christmas shopping all day and we went out for lunch AND dinner! It was a wonderful birthday!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

3 Sisters!

I wanted to post a few pictures of Hayden holding Ruth so that my mom would have a comparison to see how much Ruth has grown! She is 2 months old today! Tomorrow is her check up so we will know how much she has actually grown. I will post her stats then but I just love these sister pictures of my girls. I thought I would do a few video's too so you could see Hayden in "big sister action!" It is pretty funny!

Singing at the Capital

Ethan is in the Monmouth Elementary Choir. Today they were singing at the State Capital building. They sounded great and looked like they were having fun. My pictures aren't the greatest since my battery was about to die. Hayden really loved it. The last song they sang was called Reindeer Twist and they do a little dance with it. Hayden got so into it she was dancing a long with them. (We were sitting right in the front too!) Ethan saw her doing this and started to laugh. It was pretty cute! I was so proud of Ethan. He really is active in so many things and is doing well in all of it! He really is a great kid.



Sunday, December 6, 2009

Here is Larry loading up our beautiful Chirstmas tree. We forgot our tape measure so we had to guess this year. (code for I picked the biggest one I could find!) We got it home and it was about 13 feet! We had to only cut 1 foot off. It is so beautiful! Last night Larry and I got it up and in the stand and lights on. Tonight we will put the ornaments on for Family Home Evening. This is our new tradition. We have done this for several years now. This way the kids don't keep asking if they can put the ornaments on yet over and over. This way they wake up and it is all ready and we can do it as Family Home evening, and we are all still having fun when we are doing it and not grouchy.

This year Larry promised the kids that if thier rooms were clean they could get a real little tree to put up in their rooms. They actually did it and got their rooms clean (with out any help from mom). This is the girls with the little tree they picked for their room. It is so cute!

A visit with Santa and Hunting for Christmas Trees!

No visit to Santa is complete with out a ride on the Carosel. All the kids loved riding! It put Ruth to sleep. They all got to ride 4 times, and had a blast!

Ruth's first time to see Santa. I am not sure she saw him though because she slept through the whole thing. I think all she wants is a good nights sleep... oh wait that is mommy. I can't complain though really she is an angel!

Hayden went right up to Santa. She was a tiny bit shy but was so sweet to sit there with him. She asked for a present.

Ethan had a good talk with Santa. He is asking for something I have never heard of or seen...Maybe someone else has heard of these cars that can even drive up on the wall? I am not sure what they are but that is how he describes them to me...

I love this picture of Amelia visiting with Santa. She was so excited to get to see him.

Here is Brock getting to have his visit with Santa! I think he asked for a skate board...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Family Photo Shoot!

I love what Julia did to this picture! She added our name and the year Larry and I were married to the top of the bridge! How cleaver! I don't love me in this picture but I have to remind myself I just had a baby... So this is my before photo in a few months I will post an "after" shot! But I can't thank Julia enough for entertaining my kids and taking beautiful pictures of them! I can't wait to get these shots up on my wall!!!

Ruth was exactly 6 weeks old at this photo shoot. She still looks so small, but in comparison she is grown so much I can hardly believe my eyes sometimes! She is so sweet and really responding to my voice now. That is how we got her to look at the camera. I stood behind Julia and spoke to her and she looked right at us. She is now starting to smile with more purpose. If I tickle her just right or catch her attention just right she will give me a bit open mouth smile. It is the most magical thing in the world to me when a baby starts to smile, and laugh! If only they could stay tiny and snugglie longer while they do that!!! She is quite the snuggler! What an angel...

Hayden is always a little shy with "new" people. She was a little hesitant with Julia at first but eventually warmed up. I just love this shot. It really shows off her blue eyes!

Amelia was cold while we were out and didn't want to sit still but again Julia worked her magic with my kids and got some great pictures. I can hardly believe how much they have grown since she did their pictures 9 months ago!

Brock was being a little "shy" at the photo shoot but Julia got him warmed up enough that he would finally smile! He always looks so cute it was just a matter of getting him to hold still. She did a fabulous job!!!

Ethan was such a good model. He kept thinking of new poses, and places to get his picture taken. He was a great help and his pictures turned out so great!