Monday, December 21, 2009

Gingerbread house fun!

Forgive me but I am having technical difficulties! But here are my cute kids making their annual gingerbread house! We had a "good" time. As good as it gets with a pack of kids at night doing a craft! We all lived!

Brock used ALL the yellow candy on his Gingerbread man. (accept the few we got out before he got to them!)

This was our end result. After each of the kids helped Larry do a side of the house and we were ready for them to be DONE! I took a turn (I usually don't do any of this it I am just the photographer while Larry does this project with the kids!) I told the kids they couldn't eat what was left of the candy (they were begging to eat the rest) I told them I was going to keep decorating till I used every piece of candy! I did use it all but what was dropped on the floor, what the snuck into their mouths and what was dropped on the floor!

Here is Hayden helping decorate the Gingerbread house! She was so cute!


Kelli said...

Very Cute I love it!

The Gatherums said...

such fun. We still have to decorate ours. We keep saying hopefully tomorrow, but tomorrow seems to never come. Hopefully by new years or we will give up on trying to have everyone together and well.

Julia Shinkle said...

Amanda thanks for the sweet comment you made on my blog about the pictures I took of the kids decorating cookies...When I take pictures of the kids and their actiivties it is a double edged sword because I am trying to capture the moment but I am also trying to look at things as a photographer. That causes a problem sometims too because the photographer in me will sometime be to critcal of a photo for its technical imperfections but it is really PERFECT because truly if it is an image of my child it is perfect. Does that make sense...Don't ever think yours are boing because I think I have missed some of the important things to document because I was trying to be way too technical with my camera. You are awesome I love the positive feed back about the photos.