Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Singing at the Capital

Ethan is in the Monmouth Elementary Choir. Today they were singing at the State Capital building. They sounded great and looked like they were having fun. My pictures aren't the greatest since my battery was about to die. Hayden really loved it. The last song they sang was called Reindeer Twist and they do a little dance with it. Hayden got so into it she was dancing a long with them. (We were sitting right in the front too!) Ethan saw her doing this and started to laugh. It was pretty cute! I was so proud of Ethan. He really is active in so many things and is doing well in all of it! He really is a great kid.




Kelli said...

Very cool. Love the new picture of the kids!

Mo said...

Tell him I wished I could have seen that!