Sunday, December 6, 2009

Here is Larry loading up our beautiful Chirstmas tree. We forgot our tape measure so we had to guess this year. (code for I picked the biggest one I could find!) We got it home and it was about 13 feet! We had to only cut 1 foot off. It is so beautiful! Last night Larry and I got it up and in the stand and lights on. Tonight we will put the ornaments on for Family Home Evening. This is our new tradition. We have done this for several years now. This way the kids don't keep asking if they can put the ornaments on yet over and over. This way they wake up and it is all ready and we can do it as Family Home evening, and we are all still having fun when we are doing it and not grouchy.

This year Larry promised the kids that if thier rooms were clean they could get a real little tree to put up in their rooms. They actually did it and got their rooms clean (with out any help from mom). This is the girls with the little tree they picked for their room. It is so cute!

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