Thursday, July 5, 2018

 Ok these pictures are NOT going to be in order and I can't figure out how to make them be... This is our 4th of July weekend! We got to have some of our Workman cousins over for a few days while their mom and dad were off celebrating their wedding anniversary. I actually love that their anniversary lines up with the 4th of July. It has become such a fun tradition for me and my kids to have their cousins here for the holiday! On the 3rd we celebrated by going to the park and getting treats! They picked popcorn, cotton candy, and snow cones!
 On the 4th we have a LARGE BBQ every year and it is so much fun for the kids to swim and we all eat. At the end we light off fire works. All our neighors have really gotten into the festivities and it makes for a BIG show on our street. (Let's just say maybe not ALL that happened on our street may have been "legal") Fun to watch! Oh and an AMAZING sunset!

 I don't know for sure but I kind of think maybe Ethan was contemplating that the next two 4th of July's he will have will be very different... They will just be like any other day since he will be in the Philippians and not celebrating our Independence.

Ruth loved the water fountain at the park and got her dress soaking wet. But she had a great time twirling around to try and get it to dry.
 Often on the 3rd we try and go to the fireworks at the park. It is to crazy on the 4th to go. It is really nice that they do 2 days worth here! Tyrah was our "pink Ninja" Since it gets cool as soon as the sun went down we bundled up.

 The parade is always so much fun. I love it even more now that my family lives close enough that they get to come too! I finally got my parents to come by telling them how much fun it is to watch Sam and Sunny heckle all the people in the parade. I did NOT know this meant that this year it meant I was going to get a water balloon to the chest right after this picture was taken... Thanks Sunny! The kids loved it. Oh and yes Hyrum I see your eye level! (punk)

 Our City Public works truck came by and they had a Workman dump body on it my dad got so excited that he was yelling I built that and ran after it so we could take a picture of him with it.

At the BBQ Ruth was CRAZY hopped up on sugar and junk and the super nice Dean was trying to wear her out. He learned that it isn't really possible but she had a great time while he tried. They chased, he spun her around and wore himself out!
I love the 4th of July! I love our country and all those who have helped make it the amazing country it is! We are truly blessed. And so blessed to have the amazing community that celebrates it BIG. It is my 2nd favorite holiday. 2nd only to Christmas of course. We have great traditions and so much fun. (Hopefully we will have nicer weather to enjoy it with next year!)