Thursday, July 28, 2016


We've had a longish journey that I've shared with some, Ruth shares with everyone.... but I've kept quiet mostly until my kids talk about it, or someone asks. Not because it's a secret or even something bad, but because we didn't take the traditional route and many people can have strong feelings about that. A year or two ago I probably would have too. But I've learned a lot, still am. So I made a different choice that when I tell people they either look at me like I'm crazy, or that I believe in witchcraft, or something like that. But here's shortish version. Ruth failed 2 hearing screenings in kindergarten. So I took her to an ENT. Doctor to see what was wrong. They found fluid in her ears, and her hearing was really low. Which was shocking to me because of all my kids her speech developed the clearest. (They said the fluid had been there a long time.) The Doctor recommended that she have tubes put in her ears, and her tonsils and adenoids removed. Don't start showering me with comments on how great the surgery is and all the benefits. ... I've had 3 kids have tubes in their ears, and one who has had the tonsil and adenoids  removed, I know they work great.... BUT I've learned enough to know these are symptoms of something else.  So I did some research. We started with a totally milk free diet. I saw a big difference in her. I took her in after a month and a half of dairy free and they said there was less fluid but there was still fluid. I wasn't sure what to do. Then my amazing friend saw a Natura path doctor for her allergy issues and she was telling me what they were going to do for her. Then she found me one closer to us. I waited a few days,  I prayed about what to do. Then I just knew I needed to call and did. I took Ruth in and she was tested, I can't remember the name of the test I'd have to look it up. But they found a looooong list of things she reacts to. The doctor gave her some drops to take 2x a day to help clear out the toxins, then she did six N.A.E.T treatments (I think that's what is called). It helped desensitize her from all the allergens. When she was all done he tested her again to see if she was reacting to any of them. She was all clear!  So we went out to have ice cream to celebrate.  (Which by the way she so chose sorbet. I guess she lost her love of ice cream.) We also went to swim at the aquatic center in Corvallis. Some of our dietary changes will be permanent. Not because of allergies, but because it's healthier for all of us. Now some of those things can be an occasional food not an all the time food. Now my little girl is doing better and it cost me a fraction of what surgery would have cost (even though my insurance doesn't pay one dime for the treatment! ) AND she didn't take one medication.


We spent last week at Prineville Reservoir. We had a wonderful time with friends and family. I don't get as many pictures as I use to because I'm busy participating. Tyrah and Macquarie did the horse shoe ski this year! Lia and Jocie learned on 2 skis. Everyone had fun, no major sun burns, no broken equipment, but we did have a little rain the first couple days. But after that it was hot, hot, hot! (Which is why we go there!) We ate way to much sugar but had a great time!

Thursday, July 14, 2016


Every July 7th 7-11 gives away free Slurpees we have gone the last 3 or 4 years (it's the only day my kids ever get one)