Sunday, March 11, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge

FINALLY! We made it to the Great Wolf Lodge and got to stay! Our trip was planned for January but because of major ice and snow storms they were out of power and closed... So we rescheduled for this week. Which worked perfect! We were there for Ethan's 12th birthday! Sadly my little sister and her husband couldn't come. (She is only a few weeks from having a baby). Then at the last minute my Brother Sam and his family couldn't come because 2 of their kids were sick. But 9 of the 12 grand kids were there and 6 grown ups! It was a blast! These are a few of the pictures of us at the restaurant. (I love the chairs!)

Our waitress was SOOO nice. Ruth was on the verge of melt down (and did melt down some) they didn't have color crayons but she gave us her pen and let Ruth color on her menu. 

They came and sang a fun Birthday song to Ethan. The funny thing was my son who doesn't seem to get embarrassed by much was embarrassed when they came and sang to him. It was cute!

We love the story time they do at bed time for the kids! All the kids loved it! I love the fun Wolf Ears the kids got with their kids meals.

They have these fun coloring pages out in the lobby!

I never did get a picture of all the kids together (or very many pictures to be honest!) But I do love these of Brigham and Johnnie with Ruth. Ruth wanted to hug this bear, of course she wanted to hug everything we saw there!

Here is a shot of part of the water park. SO FUN!

Lunch in the water park! And Grandma with her Pepsi!

The wave pool which we all love!!!

Ruth was in love with this place!!! She only wore those goggles for a minute but I had to get a picture because I love her frog face!

Hayden loved the wave pool, as well as everything else! She finally went down the 2 slides she could do the last 30 minutes we were there and she loved it! So cute!

Brock loved the slides, and the swimming!
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