Friday, March 23, 2012

"Tiny" dancers

Back in September I started teaching dance lessons in the garage. I was nervous as to how well it would go. I had fun, but I wanted mom's who were paying me to do so to feel it was worth their money. I had enough moms want to do it again that we did another session. (I even had to tell one mom I was full!)
We had our second recital last night and we did all music from the Disney movie Enchanted. And already by this morning I am sure I have 2 classes that are full! If I get enough interest I might add another day eventually. The girls did a great job. I was so proud of them. Amelia's class' jazz routine was to "Thanks How You Know" and the music got stuck close to the end and the just kept going and picked right back up where they should be! I was so proud of them! They all looked cute and we didn't have any stage fright!
This time we used the Central High School Cafeteria. The stage is much bigger and worked perfectly. It was nice to have a curtain, and all that stuff to make it feel more official for the girls. I am looking forward to the next session... now I better get busy with some choreography!

Hayden and Claire! So cute!

Here are all my cute dancers. From left to right, Natalia, Daniella, Claire, Hayden, Cathy, (Back) Jocie, Norah, Amelia, Elle, and Lucia! Great job girls!
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Corinne Ritz said...

So much fun! Did the school charge you for using the facility? That is really cool you could do that!

Amanda Davis said...

Yes Corinne, you have to pay to rent the facilities.

Joe and Mary said...

can you sign me up for the next class please ;)

Ivona Fabregas said...

This little ballerinas are so cute ^_^