Sunday, March 11, 2012

Amelia's baptism

So we spent 2 fun filled days the the Great Wolf Lodge and then everyone came to our house to spend the next 2 days doing wonderful spiritual things together! Saturday March 11th Amelia got baptized. It was wonderful. We had gotten special permission to not participate in the Stake Baptisms because then my family wouldn't have to travel twice for the baptism and the ordination of Ethan. This way we could do both the same weekend. I made Amelia's baptism dress. I set a goal a year ago to learn how to sew and follow a pattern. I have been taking baby steps with skirts, pillow case dresses, and other small things. Then I did dresses for the girls before Christmas so I could practice with a pattern. Then I took this on (in the middle of the spring bazaar!!!!) But I got it done and I was so excited with how it turned out and was so proud of my self. She looked so Beautiful! 

I loved this hair style I did for her to keep her hair from floating up.

She was so excited and I have to say my heart was so so happy to be married to a man who is able to baptize and bless our children with his priesthood! I don't want to go into to much detail about my feelings, mostly because sometimes I feel they are a little private, or tender. But I have never wanted to be a priesthood holder, I have never wished that women could hold the priesthood, I understand the blessing of men's priesthood power, and the amazing power women have for giving birth and being mothers. But this week, as we have been preparing for these two big steps for our kids it has hit home for me very clearly. I have given birth to these kids, I have fed them, taught them, nurtured them, and done all that I think I can to help them get to this point. Then my husband is able to bless them and give them that next thing that they NEED to help them back to our Heavenly Father. I truly give them life, I do all I can and he fills in the rest. I see and feel so much more our Heavenly Father's plan. I have always known but there are times in your life where things just become more clear, or more relevant in your life. This was one of those for me.

My beautiful girl!

Ok I am a "bad" mom. I didn't take nearly enough pictures of this weekend! I didn't get a picture of Ethan in his new suit! But Grandma and Grandpa Davis bought him a new suit for his 12th birthday! He looks so handsome! He became a deacon today! It truly has been a wonderful weekend filled with fun, and then topped off amazingly with some of the best things in a mother's life! True joy comes from seeing your children choose the right, and make steps closer to the kingdom of heaven.  I will post pictures of Ethan next Sunday when he is all dressed up and ready to pass the sacrament for the first time!
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