Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year Day

Larry's parents gave us the gift of a years membership to OMSI this year for Christmas! We were so excited to go play that we went New Years Day (I don't recommend it on that day though unless you go really early and don't stay all day! It is one of the busiest days and it was crazy busy afternoon!) But we had a lot of fun. I am glad that we get to go back as often as we want this year though because you really can't see it all in one day. We skipped some stuff and went quickly through some but we did get to watch the Dinosaurs Alive movie in the Omnimax theater, and a stars show in the Planetarium. Which was really funny because every time it got dark Hayden in her Hayden voice (which is NOT quiet) would say "I can't see!" Larry and I would crack up every time. It was a fun day!

One of the highlights with my Dino loving kids! Even Hayden is in love with dinosaurs at our house so she was really excited to see this!

I have tons of pictures of Hayden because she would stay interested in things longer. The rest of the kids would run to the next thing and I would have to entice her to move on.

Even Ruth had fun! She slept in the stroller off and on and rode in her snugglie pack and napped for a while. As always she was an angel baby and was a joy to have a long with us!

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