Friday, January 22, 2010

Just what has kept us busy...

So we are all back in line with our computer and I am feeling somewhat back in order. But I have to admit I was getting lots of other stuff done with no computer. I am trying to keep up my dejunking gig though. I am trying to get one of my clutter spots cleaned up a day, one day I tackled the desk, then the junk drawer, utensil drawer, you get the idea. Maybe next I will get the closet taken care of. The hope is to keep things tidy, and not let things build up... We will see how that goes. I have also started working out and eating healthy to get rid of the "baby" weight." We have been keeping pretty busy around here so I haven't really been putting stuff up here. So I thought I would take a few minutes and post a shot or two to show some of what we have been up to lately. Oh and Ruth is now 3 months old (I know I can't believe it either!!!) So I will try to get some pictures taken and on here to show her growth! I can hardly believe how much she looks like Hayden! We were looking at pictures of Hayden at the same age and you could mix them up... maybe I will work on posting one side by side so you can see... tomorrow or Sunday's project I suppose!
Monday I took the kids to the Gilbert House in Salem. We get in for free with the OMSI pass that Larry's parents bought us for Christmas. We made it a quick trip because we also needed to go to Costco, and the grocery store that day. But it was enough that they got to do something fun, and I got them to clean their rooms as bribery to go!

Ethan has been playing Basketball since soccer got out in November. But games just started in January. He is loving it and it is a totally new sport to him. Our Bishop is his coach so that is a lot of fun for him too. I have to say that I secretly (or not so secretly now that I am posting this) love it too because we worked it out that I am not having to drag all 5 of my kids out 2 times a week for practices because he picks him up and drops him off.

This picture is funny because Amelia was having so much fun playing Barbies last Saturday. The funny thing is that Brock was playing with her, I am all for boys playing with Barbies, I think it is good for them just like it is good for girls to play in the mud, with frogs, and with cars. Plus they play nicely together! Anyway Larry snuck up there to snap a picture of it but Brock caught him and ran to hid, If you look closely there is is leg in the corner I think.

Hayden has been practicing her big sister skills.

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Annette said...

Cute!! I love all the pictures.