Saturday, April 3, 2010


Ethan really just wanted to eat all the eggs and not color them but we made him wait till after the Easter Bunny came Saturday morning!

I wrote a secret message to each of the kids on an egg with a white crayon, then I would have them die it so they could read it. It was pretty funny. Amelia liked coloring on them and making them spotted it was pretty cute.

Coloring eggs is one of Brock's favorites! He is such a creative, artistic kid it really isn't a surprise that it is.

The Easter Bunny brought our kids stuff in laundry baskets this year. He must have known that we were desperate for new ones. My kids have broken up all the old ones playing in them.... so now they each have their very own brand new laundry basket! They were pretty happy about it so was Mommy!

This is Hayden's heaven. She LOVES chocolate!

Ruth started getting rice cereal the past couple days. She is alright with it but doesn't act like she loves or hates it. But she acts like she wants to be part of the dinner experiance so we are giving it a try. I love her 1st Easter bib! Oh she also rolled over yesterday for the first time. I kept making her do it to see if it was a fluke but she did it over and over, so she won't stay on her tummy anymore for "tummy time."


Mo said...

I still say that Ruth looks like Brock. I see it every time I see her face! And Amelia's bunny is saying, "What? I can't hear you!"

Amanda Davis said...

That is Hayden's bunny saying "What? I can't hear you!" not Amelia's