Friday, March 19, 2010

Today's adventures!

This morning I told the kids that if they got their rooms clean before parent teacher conferences I would take them to do something fun. I was AMAZED when they did it! (It often takes all day or days!) They worked together with out fighting and got it done and away we went after the conferences were done. (With rave reviews on all 3 of them!) We had a really fun day!

One of our favorite rooms! The bubble room! We always try to see how big we can make the bubbles. Ruth was fascinated with the bubbles. I had her in the snugglie so there are no pictures of her but I was blowing bubbles and she was watching them very closely!

The shadow room is really cool. I want one in my house!

Brock checking out a dragonfly wing in the microscope! Very cool!

We love this little play grocery store! We could spend all day shopping and putting back. It wasn't to busy today so we could take our time a little and the kids had a great time here!

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