Monday, March 8, 2010

Ethan's 10!

Today is Ethan's 10th Birthday! Saturday we had his party with his friends. We just took the boys to the park and played Lazar tag, then had pizza, and lemon meringue pie. It was a lot of fun watching boys just running around being boys.

I love this picture. I just told the boys I wanted to get a picture of them together before they ran off to play and they just posed so "manly" for me. Boys and guns! There was Jacob, Ethan, Eli, Joshua, and Caleb

Ethan the mighty hunter, and Eli below.

Ethan decided this year he wanted lemon meringue pie. He was having a hard time picking a cake idea and I finally told him, you know you can have pie, or any other desert you want! He was pretty excited about that idea! Since we were going to the park with his friends I thought little mini pies would be easier then cutting pie,and all that. So I made these cupcake sized pies. They were so cute and so much fun! The boys liked them to for the most part. I made a big pie for tonight for the real birthday.
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Annette said...

What a cool party idea!!! Happy belated birthday Ethan. :)