Friday, March 19, 2010

State Capital

This morning I told the kids that if they had their rooms clean before I had to go to Parent teacher conferences I would take them to do something fun. They did it and we went here to take pictures, to Red Robin for lunch and then to the Gilbert House! It was such a fun day!!!

What more can I say about my little Peanut! We just love her sweet spirit and she brings joy to our home! She cut her first 2 teeth this last week.

This big kid is a huge huge help at our house! I can hardly believe he is 10 years old. He usually love to get his pictures taken but today he was "board" with the whole thing. At least he would hold still I guess. He really pulled it together all day today, helped clean up in the morning, and was very obedient during our outings!

My boys were being a little stinkerish so I didn't get the best pictures of them... They were more excited about getting to the other fun stuff of the day. But I still have to say I love love love this creative fun kid. He cracks me up and his baby sister Ruth just adores him also!

Amelia is such a sweet girl. I loved visiting with her teacher today, she raves about what a good girl she is and it warms my heart. She really is so sweet I am such a lucky mom to have her!

I love this girl! She is just full of personality and so much fun. Her sweet cheeks are just squishable!

All 5 of them!!! Oh so cute!


Rory Baxter said...

I thought I saw a glimpse of you guys there too. I went for the same reason - to take all the kids' birthday picts - it was such an amazingly gorgeous day we just couldnt pass it up. I will be sure to get them posted soon too.
Good to know you guys had such a great day. All the kids are getting SO big, it is fun to see how much they are changing and to hear about all of your fun adventures!

Alli said...

Hayden's cheeks are AMAZING! You really do have beautiful kids, you're not just biased :)