Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This is It!

So I grew up loving Micheal Jackson's music. I wasn't one of those that had the t-shirts, posters... (I saved all that for New Kids on the Block). Although I had a cousin that had a poster and I remember being a bit jealous. I do remember singing all of his songs, loving each video, and mostly watching him dance. Anyway when his movie This Is It was released to video I wanted to watch it. This being said I knew my husband would NOT enjoy watching with me. He is NOT a fan and is a bit grossed out by him. Sure I don't agree with lots of stuff but I am talking about the legendary musician he was and wanted to remember back when.... anyway I added it to my Netflix list thinking I would watch by myself (like that ever happens with 5 kids). But then Monday I thought I would watch it with my kids while we fold laundry. (This is our Monday job to fold ALL the laundry together.) After all I think that it is the parents job to pass a long their music to their kids. I had great parents who educated me well in their music. I can sing almost any Credence Clear water song, lots of Beatles music, Stevie Nicks/ Fleatwood Mac, and much more thanks to my great parents. So taking on the responsibility of passing this on to my kids I thought we would watch together. It was funnier then I thought it would be! Hayden ever the entertainer at our house would say things like, "Why does he say "Ow!"" I would chuckle and say it is the way he sings. (I guess I never questioned why he says it it just makes the song "cool".) Then she would say, "Why does he say Who, who, Who?" Laughing again, same answer, part of the song. Then again during one of the songs she says, "why does he say, why why?" Same answer again. It was pretty cute. Ethan thought the dancing was cool and Brock just wanted to know when he was going to die. I had explained to them that he had died and that was why they had made this movie. Now I just need to get the cd so I can play it for them till they start singing all the words. All my tapes from my childhood have disappeared. Besides that who has something to play a cassette with these days anyway? I should find some old NKOTB cd's too just to cover all my bases!

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