Monday, September 6, 2010

Week 12 of Summer vacation!

So week 12 we did lots of little kinds of things. One of the things was we had a "Teeny Tiny" day. This was lots of fun. We did in one other day this summer. But I did a little more for it this time then last time. I made teeny tiny pancakes, we call them Pancake cereal. We got the idea from Jim's pancakes on line. He is a pancake artist!!! Anyway you make tiny dots of pancakes, scrape them off into a bowl, and stir in a little butter and syrup and YUM! My kids love this even when it is not teeny tiny day! I also made teeny tiny chocolate chip cookies for snacks during the day. I made them with a teaspoon measure so they were LITTLE! I usually make them with a heaping TBSP! Hayden when she would ask for a cookie she would say, "can I have 5 more?" Make me laugh! Anyway it was a fun day! Brock and Leah even made teeny tiny crafts. I heard Leah say once during lunch, "since it is teeny tiny day we should use teeny tiny voices!" I love this girl! It sounded like a wonderful idea...pulling it off on the other hand....

We had teeny tiny PB&J sandwiches for lunch with teeny tiny apple slices. They even drank from teeny tiny cups. This is Brock's friend Leah. We really like her, her sisters, and her mom! Bad thing is they moved away TODAY! We will miss them all!!!

This was our dessert after dinner. We had teeny tiny smores made with Golden Grahams, mini marshmallows, and a chocolate chip. Our dinner was little smokies (teeny tiny hot dogs), Teeny tiny carrots from our garden, teeny tiny tomatoes, and my friend Shar and her girls came and had dinner with us she brought, teeny tiny broccoli, teeny tiny slices of cheese, carrots, and peppers. It was really cute and lots of fun!

Larry came home with free tickets to the State fair on Friday. (We hadn't planned on going because it is pretty spendy!) Anyways we told the kids we would take them if they promised not to ask for anything because we were NOT going to spend any money, no rides, games, or junk food. We packed a lunch and got a schedule of free things to do. (There are plenty!) The kids had a great time and it was a really nice day! We had 5 extra tickets so we offered them to some of our friends so they took their family and we all went together. It was a lot of fun!

This one is really for my dad who probably won't ever see this anyway but I love Smokey they Bear because of my dad. My dad ALWAYS would say, "Only YOU can prevent forest fires!" Sometimes he would say, "Only YOU can prevent Child abuse!" Still makes me laugh. Amelia wouldn't go over to meat him though.

Ethan got to be in a magic show at the state fair. The guy did a really good job. He was really funny and we were all amazed. We had front row seats too. Ethan did a great job. His shoe was "burned up" in a box but then magically reappeared in a bag.

The other even of the week not pictured here was I took the kids to the Gilbert House on Friday. It was a lot of fun and I did take pictures but it was on the other camera and I don't know how to down load those as easy... anyway we go there often enough it isn't THAT big of a deal. But the kids had a great time and I did let them do something we usually don't do and that was play on the outside play structure. That thing freaks me out, I worry about someone sneaking off with my kids. But it wasn't crazy busy and they did a great job of staying together and letting me watch. SO it was a great day! Fun was had by all on our last week off for Summer break. All but the last day of course where we celebrated Labor day by Laboring all day long!!! We worked in the yard like CRAZY but it looks great!

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