Wednesday, September 29, 2010



Today Brock was in a bike crash on his way home from school. These pictures don't show how bad it really looks. His gums are all black and blue, he lost a tooth (which you can see the whole in one picture). I took him to the dentist to check if everything was ok and he is going to be fine. The tooth he lost is a baby tooth that was loose and ready to come out. His lips are so swollen and sore but he is doing fine. I feel bad for him but his brother and friend did a great job taking care of him. Eli rode to our house to tell me what happened so I could go and get him, and Ethan rode to the school so someone could call. 2 moms that lived right where it happened got him a towel, and ice and got him out of the street and calmed down. Poor guy. He was pretty blessed that it wasn't worse! I thanks my Heavenly Father for watching out for him!
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