Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Updates on our busy life!

Things are crazy busy here between soccer, ballet, Cub Scouts, child care, and now I am getting ready for the Holiday Bazaar. Our house is torn apart and has become my workshop! I hope the kids will forgive me but I will be done crafting soon... I hope... But the desk is crazy too because I am working on the advertising and gathering vendors.... all the crazy stuff to do with running a show. But I am loving it and working on it all in the cracks of everything else we do. Hopefully all to earn some "extra" money. Anyway here is a longish post just to update on our comings and goings of the last week!
Amelia and Hayden both needed a trim so I trimmed their hair Saturday evening. Amelia decided she wanted to have bangs again. I wasn't really interested in doing it for her to change her mind the next day. So Tuesday when she was still asking for them back I cut them. She loves it! I have to admit I loved her bangs before and was sad and reluctant to give up the bangs before but had gotten use to the no bang look. I do love having them back and think she looks cute!

Hayden still loves to be silly, loves preschool and all her friends! She is planning her birthday party which is a month away but she is very excited about it! She makes me laugh all the time and brings joy to our home. She has become very helpful as of lately too! Although just before bed time when she is getting tired she likes to get a little pushy, what more can I ask though really she has been so good lately!

Ethan's soccer team is playing hard! They got a few new player so now they do have enough to let some one take a break now and then. It was rough when they all had to play the whole time with no subs! But He is tough and plays hard!

Brock's face is healing up nicely! He helped me remember to give him his antibiotics every day so we actually made it through the whole cycles of them!!!

This is Brock's soccer team. He has been playing had and having a fun year. I don't think they have lost a game yet!

Ethan earned his Weblo's badge, his religious knot, and his arrow of light at this pack meeting. As well as a TON of pins! He has been working hard and I am proud of him!

Here are a few of the new things Ruth can do. She ate her first beats. She loved them and turned all purple!!! She has also recently tried tuna noodle casserole and loved it, as well as grilled cheese, and scrambled eggs! She also learned how to crawl out of her clothes. If her pants are not overalls chances are they are NOT going to stay on. Or in this case the shirt was a tiny large and she pulled it down.

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Julia Shinkle said...

I remember you saying something about the bangs and you are such a good mom for letting her do her own thing, I think they are cute too...Your house sounds like our right now but now craft fair. You're awesome Amanda!