Monday, October 25, 2010


I love this one it shows the size difference, or should I say similarities... Ruth who just turned one is only about a pound bigger and not much taller then Bri who is ALMOST 4 months old!

I just love this. I baby sat Stephani when she was younger, I do have to admit that I was 18 and came to stay with them while their parents went to Hawaii. Stephani was 12. So she isn't a ton younger then me. But she also baby sat Ethan for me, maybe even Brock a time or two also. Here we are both with babies at the same time. My last her first.

Bri and Ruth

Sunday after church the girls were snuggling with daddy and it was so cute! They all just love their daddy!

Last night Ruth started making this face. This it the tame version of it. She will close her eyes and look like she is going to cry, or sneeze. But it is so funny it makes me laugh so hard. Then when I laugh she will smile at me and then I will say make your silly face and she will do it again and again. I couldn't stop laughing!

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Alli said...

So cute -Ruth looks so much like Brock sometimes, other times it's Amelia, I can never decide!