Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Choir Singing and Gingerbread

I posted this and realized I had NOT included RUTH So I am reposting with her addition. Ruth is now pulling up on EVERYTHING. I saw her yesterday stand up in the middle of the floor she just pushed up! She doesn't walk yet with out holding on to something but I have not ever had a kid stand up in the middle of the floor before they started walking either! She is so fun! She loves to play peek a boo! I got the camera out to take a picture of her messy face after having sloppy joes and she went right into peek a boo for me! LOVE IT! She is such a sweet girl!

This is my new nativity. I bought it at the Gentle House Bazaar! I just love these little rustic people!

This year since I bought sleigh kits for the kids Larry and I did the house... let me rephrase that, Larry did the house and I did the tree. It was my first time EVER getting to actually do any of it... usually I just take pictures. The kids had a lot of fun doing their own this year and not having to wait to take their turn at the house!
While Hayden was working on hers she said, now take a picture of me smiling while I do this mom! How can you resist!

Amelia and her work of art!

This is what happens when Mom is not home to supervise the gingerbread making... I left to go to choir practice and this is what I came home to! Some times dads are just more fun!

These are the treats I made for preschool this week. I had so much fun with them. I came up with the idea myself so I was pretty proud of them. The kids loved them too!

The MES choir sang at the State Capital last Wed. They sounded so good! Ethan has had so much fun being in the choir!

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