Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hayden's Birthday

Hayden has been asking for this Dora microphone for several weeks. She Loves it and carries it all over in her new Talking Backpack which she also loves!!! I love this girl and am so blessed to have her in our home. She had a great birthday and spent the day with daddy. He took the day off of work (because I was at the Bazaar working) and he took her to lunch at Red Robin then he made her her Birthday dinner she requested Cheese stuffed Shells. He did a great job and she had a very happy birthday!

This one is her ACTUAL Birthday cake. All the party stuff happened the Saturday before the real date which was Wed the 10th. She rarely actually eats cake when we have cake and ice cream she always just eats ice cream. So I talked her into just an ice cream cake for her actual birthday (mostly because I knew she would love and and because it takes NO work on my part and her birthday was opening night at the bazaar selfish I know but she LOVED it!)

Can you tell she loves Dora?

The Dora Birthday cake. Yeah I know it is totally lame compared to some I have made but She loved it and that is all that matters. It just so happens that the week before and the week of her birthday are Bazaar week so it was crazy busy! Hence the LATENESS of me blogging it all!

Ethan was so sweet to play Swiper the Fox for Hayden's Dora Adventure. He did a good job of making the cute sound affect and trying to swipe things. But if they called out Swiper NO Swipping! He always stopped and said "OH MAN!" Brock was the Grumpy Old Troll and made all the kids make silly faces to get passed him.

Here is a picture of them on their Dora Adventure! It was so much fun! I had drawn "Map" and gave them 3 places to go. (Just like the show) At each place there were things to do, Color, puzzles, then finally their goodie bags. Which they got to color.

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