Friday, June 24, 2016

Teddy Bear day

This week's Thursday theme day was teddy bear day. This time all 3 of the older kids were gone for youth conference. It's called "the path of the Savior" I hope to post about that later.  But with just the 2 girls and a friend I aimed for one they would like and the older kids wouldn't be to disappointed that they missed. So we went with teddy bears. We had teddy bear pancakes, teddy bear picnic, with honey sandwiches, and ants on a log. We sewed a teddy bear, went on a bear hunt, made bear cookies, and listened to Elvis sing about being "your teddy bear". I even did Ruth's hair to look like bear ears.  I think we all had a really fun day. Today my girls were still telling me they loved it. So I guess it was a hit. Oh they also read a bunch of Barenstien Bear books.

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