Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Prankster Jr.

My kids love hearing about the pranks I pull at girls camp.  They also love April fools day because I usually prank them in some small way. I bought this pack of fake ketchup for this April fools day, but we were in Utah and I didn't end up using it. The kids found it and Ruth so badly wanted to use it on daddy. Yesterday she put it on his pillow. He went to bed so late and I was already in bed so there was no light on her didn't see it and tossed it off his pillow. So today she tried again. I may or may not have given him a heads up so he could "play along" so she'd get the reaction she wanted. So today when he got home from work he went in our room to get something and saw it. He said loudly "who's been in our room! " Ruth came running and giggling,  "it's just a prank! " She was so proud, and it was so cute. I'm training them young.

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