Monday, June 16, 2008

Father and Son Camp out!

This weekend was the Father and son camp out for our Stake. The boys were so excited. They look forward to this every year. To be honest so do I. For a few reasons, I know they love the time with their dad, number 2 I love the time with my girls, and I love to have a scrap night and invite lots of people over to scrap and not feel even a tiny bit bad about staying up really late to scrap! (After all I am not bothering anyone!) Amelia always gets to sleep with me on this night and Hayden will join us when she is done sleeping in a crib. But back to the boys. I packed them some tin foil dinners so all Larry had to do was cook them while they set up camp. The boys love these!!! Larry took one of the boys from a family that he home teaches and he thought they were great to.
They got to sleep in these really cool covered wagons! Brock was really excited about that!
In the morning after breakfast they got to row around in these canoes. Ethan I guess got pretty good at it and Larry let him row all the way across on his own.
While there they also found lots of "wild life" They caught snakes, lizards, and salamanders! (GROSS!) But they were in heaven. Boy heaven. They came home really dirty and really happy! What more could you ask!
I took advantage of them being gone. Not only did we do our girls night of scraping and sleep over in mommy's bed but I had a garage sale while they were gone on Saturday and got rid of a bunch of old stuff they never play with anymore but I know they would have cried telling me how much they loved each of their things! Anyway it was the end of my major spring de-junking spree and it worked out nice. Other then the sunburn for me it was a great weekend. I wanted to sleep like 24 hours when all was done and said but I was happy to have it all gone and the boys had fun too! Our Father's day was nice and peaceful too. We went to church, came home and fixed a very yummy dinner. I cooked steaks on the grill, made baked beans, salad, baked potatoes, and brownies for dessert. It was so good. We had hear that the Bishop was going to be all alone so we invited him over for dinner too. Larry's grandma came and shared our day too. I think the kids wore her out! They are always so excited to see her! All in all it was a crazy busy but fulfilling weekend!


Julia said...

Amanda I am sorry I didn't make it over with my stuff to add to your garage sale. I had it all packed up and priced and then I drove into town and forgot it at home. Glad to hear you had a good weekend.

Rachel said...

Looks like they had fun! My boys love going to the Father Sons outing. I could do without the snakes though