Sunday, June 8, 2008


Yesterday Larry and I finally decided we couldn't wait any longer to groom Dotty. She was getting so shaggy and dirty she had to get a "trim." If you look down at our blog from when we got our bunnies you can see he in the back ground pre-cut. Only she was even shaggier because it has been almost a month since then! We like to take her to a professional groomer when we can but we thought we would save the money this time and do it ourselves. We have done this before but it takes us a lot longer then a groomer, we don't have "dog sheers" (we use my old ones that I use to use on the boys, I have new ones for them!), and then she can be mad at someone other then us if we pay to get it done... but in the name of being frugal this time we thought we would do it again. Plus she was getting fleas again and we wanted them gone NOW! So we got started and this is the shortest we have ever cut her before. Normally we use a guard on the clippers to leave a little length but it was so matted, and the fleas were thick enough we thought just get rid of it all and made it pretty short!!! I was nervous about this length at first because I thought OH she is going to look like a rat! But the farther we got the more I thought she looked kind of cute and it grows so fast, maybe this way we won't have to clip her till Fall and do a trim then. Plus she acts so much more free and frisky to be rid of the matted mess! It is cute, she looks and acts more like a playful puppy again (minus the naughty annoying parts of a puppy!) Anyway we think she looks cute and it was worth saving the $25 to have her groomed! It only took us 2 or 3 hours (including bath, cut, nails, bath, and clean up!) A newer friend stopped by latter that night and she said "I didn't know you had a dog." I said yeah she just got clipped today. Then she said oh yeah now I remember her she was much shaggier! She looks like a whole new dog! Good job Larry!
Latter that night I lined the boys (including Larry) and clipped their hair too! Summer cut time! They were getting a little shaggy around the ears to so off it came. Brock's was getting long enough we couldn't spike it anymore and Ethan's was getting "spicky" (or it stuck up everywhere even if I sprayed tons of stuff in it!!!) It is funny to me how different their hair is! But now they are all sporting a new do! This morning before church Larry said, "will you style my hair" I smiled and said all done! (There isn't enough to even run a comb through well there is but it won't change how it lays!) No I don't always comb his hair for him! But when it gets shaggy he needs help in the back! Anyway 4 hair cuts later and a clean garage we had a busy weekend! Now we should be just about ready for our garage sale next weekend!

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Amanda--thanks for your most recent comment. If you want to check out the website that I am using go back to my post and click on the word "website" (it is a tan color as opposed to the black of the other writing). It will link you to the site.

You sure have a cute and growing family!